Weird: Your Tax Dollars Housed Ashley Babbitt’s Killer in a Posh Hotel for Months

Jeff McCoy /
Jeff McCoy /

On the two-year anniversary of the mostly peaceful January 6 Election Justice Protest, US Capitol Police shocked the world again. They arrested Ashley Babbitt’s mother for jaywalking, as she was trying to lay flowers on the steps of Congress in honor of her daughter.

A new tranche of documents from the Air Force, of all places, has just been uncovered by Judicial Watch. Those documents prove that after Capitol Police Officer James Byrd shot Ashley Babbitt in the neck and killed her on January 6th, your tax dollars were used to house Byrd in a luxury hotel for 18 months.

Just when you thought that Congress and the Deep State could not insult normal Americans even more!

Ashley Babbitt was a diminutive housewife, an Air Force veteran, and a Trump supporter. She went to the January 6 protest and ended up losing her life. She was unarmed at the time and posed no threat whatsoever to the burly police officers inside the halls of Congress. As she hopped up on a windowsill, James Byrd shot and killed her.

Other police officers testified that Byrd never shouted any commands at Ashley. He didn’t tell her to stop or identify himself as law enforcement. He just drew his weapon and shot the tiny, unarmed housewife in the neck. Byrd then placed something in an evidence bag and handed it to another police officer, according to Judicial Watch. That bag has never been seen again.

Byrd did not fill out a police report about his role in shooting Babbitt. He didn’t fill out any paperwork, did not cooperate with the brief and almost nonexistent investigation, and was never interviewed by an investigative agency for shooting Ashley Babbitt to death on camera.

Any normal and sane person would look at that and conclude that Ashly was murdered by James Byrd. But nobody in Congress saw it that way. They treated Byrd as a hero.

Instead of asking the obvious question, which was “Why was a housewife so angry about a sketchy election that she traveled across the country from San Diego on a weekday in January to protest it?” the Members of Congress pinned medals on Byrd and slapped him on the back. Senator Lindsey Graham wished that even more Trump supporters had been shot and killed by Capitol Police on that day.

And since the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the incoming Biden regime wanted to craft a narrative about “white supremacist” Trump supporters threatening to kill feds, they decided on an even bolder, more outlandish plan. Why not whisk James Byrd away to a luxurious location and pretend we’re protecting the hero from the vigilantes? So, they did just that.

The documents that Judicial Watch obtained from the Air Force show that from January 6, 2021, until July 2022, James Byrd was being housed at Air Force Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. He was there for 18 months. Byrd started his stay at the base long before his name was ever publicly released. And he wasn’t just staying in some dump.

No, Byrd was staying in the “Distinguished Visitor Suite” at the Presidential Inn, which is part of the Air Force Inn chain of hotels. Needless to say, that suite is the most luxurious room in the entire area. It’s usually reserved for those of Brigadier General rank or higher.

The US Capitol Police paid $185 a night to house Byrd in a luxury hotel suite for 18 months after he killed Ashley Babbitt – and they didn’t even investigate the shooting. By way of comparison, the Econo Lodge at Andrews charges $63 a night for a room. Oh, and Byrd billed the Capitol Police for the hotel pet fee as well. He took his pet with him for the 18-month stay.

Your tax dollars are hard at work!