War Criminal Joe Biden Launches Airstrikes in (Checks Notes) Somalia

Dawid Lech / shutterstock.com
Dawid Lech / shutterstock.com

War criminal Joe Biden launched drone strikes against another sovereign country on January 21st without authorization to declare war from Congress. The country that Joe Biden bombed this time was… hold on while we check our notes. Just one second… oh, right. It was Somalia. You may have noticed that the world is a much more dangerous and bomb-y place ever since Donald Trump left the White House. That’s not an accident. It looks like Joe Biden really does want to start World War III in order to finally crush America’s place in the world as a superpower.

You might be wondering two things right now: Where is Somalia again, and why are we at war with them? Great questions! Just don’t expect straight answers from the war criminal Joe Biden.

AFRICOM announced in a press release that it had launched airstrikes about 20 miles northwest of the port city of Kismaayo. The airstrikes probably cost tens of millions of dollars and managed to kill three members of the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda affiliate. Al-Shabaab has never expressed an interest in expanding beyond Somalia’s borders. They want control of the Somali government, and that’s it. They don’t pose any sort of realistic threat to the United States.

It’s not as if Somalia has some vital natural resource that America needs either, like materials for electric car batteries. The country’s main export is goats. That’s not a racist joke, by the way. It’s literally goats. We don’t need any more of those in the US.

So, what in the name of all that is holy could be the reason why Joe Biden is now bombing another country in our name? He wants to start World War III with Russia.

Biden has been desperate to open up a second front against Russian forces ever since it became clear that Vladimir Putin has no interest in expanding beyond the three small Russian territories that it reclaimed from Ukraine in its border dispute. Also, there’s no possible way that Russia can lose to Ukraine.

By the way, when we say “Joe Biden” is doing this, we obviously don’t mean Joe Biden. We mean the globalist forces that are running the country with Joe Biden as their puppet whose name goes onto every decision. It’s not as if the mush-brained Biden is some sort of major geostrategic expert who is orchestrating world events.

Team Biden sent Victoria Nuland to Sudan last year to try to launch a coup against its government, which is enjoying improved relations with Russia. Vladimir Putin is doing nice things for Sudan in terms of economic development, so the Biden regime wanted to topple the Sudanese government to put an end to that. It didn’t work, obviously.

The Biden White House is also prolonging the Israel-Hamas thing by not stepping in and brokering a peace deal. The plan there is to goad Iran into attacking Israel so that the globalist neocons in our federal government can finally get the war against Iran that they’ve been wanting for decades. Open war with Iran would mean that Russia jumps in and gets involved on a second front.

Somalia’s relations with Russia have been improving as well. Putin has been sending them humanitarian aid, so Team Biden is trying to jump in and mess that up as well. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is totally insane. Biden caused the Ukraine war, and now he’s desperately trying to start another one.

If Biden does manage to get the US into World War III, he will likely take a page from his little buddy in Ukraine and cancel the November elections. Because he’s protecting democracy from Vladimir Putin, who is just trying to mind his own business.