Illegal Aliens Using Translator Apps to Rob Americans

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Joe Biden’s illegal aliens are so enterprising! You would think that not being able to speak English would be an impediment to the invaders trying to carry out their favorite pastimes from their home countries, but that’s not true. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, and all the Democrat-run cities that are giving “free” cellphones to the illegals, they can now rob Americans using translator apps!

One industrious illegal alien showed off his tech-savvy skills last week in Chicago. That’s when he approached a passenger on the CTA Red Line and showed them the translator app on his phone. The message he showed the American was fairly simple – something along the lines of, “Give me your stuff or I’ll kill you.”

The illegal alien then showed the American a gun. The frightened American citizen handed over their valuables to the entrepreneurial young illegal alien, who immediately fled the scene. Mission accomplished!

Police have released surveillance video of the suspect, which has confused most Chicagoans. Even if they bother to arrest the man, it’s not as if the Soros-funded prosecutors in Chicago will press charges against him. They probably won’t even confiscate his gun.

The good news for Americans is that the illegal aliens seem to have no trouble assimilating. They may have just crawled out of some jungle on the other side of the world, but they’re able to adapt to our advanced technology and blend right in.

See? Diversity truly is our strength! Just imagine the embarrassment that Joe Biden’s illegal aliens would feel if they had to rob us the old-fashioned way, by simply pointing a gun at us. Now they don’t have to be ashamed about their lack of English-speaking skills as they victimize their American hosts!