Trump Witch Hunt Now Includes Looking at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Pool

Sorapop Udomsri /
Sorapop Udomsri /

As we all know, the political left, the Democratic Party, and Biden’s White House has been going after former President Donald Trump for years now. Now, they’ve even gone so far as to investigate his swimming pool.

Of course, the point of all this is to find something that would make Trump enough of a criminal that he could never become president again or lead this nation. But as usual, all attempts have been and are failing.

The most recent attempt by Biden’s DOJ involves the so-called mishandling of classified documents, which has been a concern since the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last year and supposedly found such documents.

Now, the concern is that Trump supposedly destroyed evidence of those documents back in October by emptying the Mar-a-Lago swimming pool into a room where computer equipment, including surveillance footage, was kept.

Yes, we are actually talking about a swimming pool flooding a computer room and it supposedly being Trump’s fault.

According to a CNN exclusive, reporter Katelyn Polantz claims the DOJ is of the mind that Trump intentionally masterminded the flood in the computer room to thwart their investigation and destroy any evidence that he had kept classified documents in his home.

The only problem, of course, is that nothing of the kind happened.

Yes, there was a flood of a computer room at Mar-a-Lago last October. And yes, it occurred when the pool was drained. However, even Polantz had to admit that no video surveillance footage was ever damaged in the flood. Hell, it’s not even been confirmed that there are missing documents or damage to any computer equipment.

So what’s the point of looking into this matter?

Well, just like the Russia collusion hoax, it’s all just another charade to draw more suspicion to Trump.

But just like that hoax, this too is proving rather fruitless, not to mention it’s a complete waste of federal funds and resources.