Thousands of Auto Workers Being Laid off as Biden Economy Worsens


Joe Biden’s suicidal energy policy has been shrinking the car-buying sector of the economy to the point where many automakers are suddenly beginning to lay off workers. This is part of an organized plan from the World Economic Forum (WEF) that most Western nations have agreed to without telling their voters. One of the many lies told to the people about Biden’s “American Recovery Act” (written by WEF lobbyists) was that it was supposed to enhance and shore up the auto sector of the economy. Obviously, the exact opposite is happening.

Previously this year, GM cut more than 5,000 salaried and contract jobs, and Ford cut more than 3,000. This week, Chrysler announced that it was giving 3,500 workers the axe. Chrysler’s parent company is Stellantis, which owns the Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, and Ram brands.

The complexity of this plot against humanity makes most people’s eyes glaze over. Still, the end result is going to be the deaths of hundreds of millions of people worldwide if Biden is elected to a second term. The stakes are that high.

The destruction of the American economy is happening on purpose because of the Green New Deal/climate fanatics at the WEF and among global leaders. The overall plan is to force the reduction of energy usage to meet their mythical “climate targets,” which will result in mass starvation and other problems that these people see as features, not as bugs of their program.

Chrysler is offering incentive packages to get 3,500 workers to quit their jobs. They’re offering a $50,000 bonus to employees with seniority and a lump-sum payment for those with at least a year’s experience who will agree to quit.

These auto sector job cuts will result in fewer cars being produced and therefore reduced economic activity. This is happening while Biden is strangling cheap and efficient energy production, driving up the cost of all consumer goods and crushing the American people.

Meanwhile, the central banks are raising interest rates to combat inflation, which starts a vicious cycle. The banks are crushing consumer demand with higher interest rates while at the same time slaughtering new investment. Nobody wants to take out a loan when the terms can become so much higher overnight.

One of the only countries that has balked at this insane idea in the Western hemisphere is Mexico. For all his flaws, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) sees through this boondoggle and realizes how it would intentionally cripple Mexico’s economy just as Mexico is beginning to become a prosperous nation due to oil production. AMLO has dissed both Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau as they have issued veiled threats to him if he doesn’t play along with their global warming agenda.

AMLO has even spoken out about Biden’s persecution of President Donald Trump. He called Trump’s arrest and arraignment in New York a few weeks ago an example of political persecution, not justice. He has also told Biden and Trudeau to go pound sand because he understands that the science fiction utopia of solar panels and windmills will never provide the same level of affordable and efficient energy that leads to prosperity and stability in a nation.

Suppose you think that the American Recovery Act was designed to enhance and help the American economy. How do you account for the thousands of American auto workers who are suddenly losing their jobs as the economy contracts further? As Biden claims, if the economy is doing fantastic, then why are the automakers suddenly cutting jobs? Do they know something that the rest of us don’t know?