The St. Patrick of Immigration Is Cleansing Florida

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Much like the fabled Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, Governor Ron DeSantis is driving the illegals away from the state of Florida.

With a new law signed on May 10th, knowingly transporting illegals into the state has now been criminalized. Not stopping there, hospitals are now required to ask about immigration status before providing treatment. However, the financial cherry on top is the $12 million that has been set aside to cover the state’s efforts to get illegals out of the state. In light of the crackdowns, many illegals in the state are seeing the writing on the wall and are eager to escape to other more illegal-friendly states.

Per a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official in California, it’s happening rapidly. “Because of the uncertainty and actions of DeSantis, non-citizens in Florida are looking at other sanctuary cities outside of Florida. A lot of them come here seeking medical benefits and treatments, and with those being difficult to acquire now, a lot of them want to come to states like California, where all those resources are provided.”

Per the Migration Policy Institute, roughly 770,000 illegals call the state of Florida their home, but with DeSantis’ bill, that will be changing in short order. Many see his policies as exceptionally detrimental to their families, as well as their ability to survive. Given the requirement to utilize E-Verify for employment in Florida, many are unwilling to risk getting caught should their employer use that system properly.

With DeSantis showing he would use FL taxpayer money to help Texas get rid of its illegal immigrants by shipping them off to sanctuary cities, he has demonstrated what proper border security could look like. While leftists oppose his zero-tolerance approach, this could be exactly what the country needs to ensure the secure the border, something President Biden lacks.

As Gov DeSantis declared his candidacy for President on May 24th, the timing of his new policies to combat illegal immigration is incredibly troubling for the illegals in the state. With increased risks and concerns, many construction sites have been forced to shut down, and fields are largely empty of migrants to pick fruit.

These jobs are backbreaking and incredibly laborious. People aren’t willing to do these jobs for criminally low wages, and without the illegals to do them in FL, the price of citrus fruits and strawberries could skyrocket. Construction in the state has already been dealing with overinflated costs of materials, but with a lack of day laborers things become more and more difficult.

Much like St Patrick was initially hated for his quest to rid Ireland of the snakes (sinners), Governor DeSantis is facing tremendous blowback for his anti-illegal immigration policies. No matter how the left takes it though, he is committed to seeing this through. He sees the long-term good this would do for Florida, and in turn the country.

Even his staffers have fully bought in on this idea. In response to a tweet by Axios, DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw wrote “So what you’re saying is… the law is working? Good”

The fact that this is working as well as it should is astonishing. Surprisingly, none of the leftist protest groups have shown up to make a demonstration of crossing the border while chained to illegals or driven busloads of them to Tallahassee. By minding the law, they are showing that not only was DeSantis effective in his decision, but the people of Florida respect the choice.

Florida has been battling this problem for decades. As a very tropical state, it attracts illegals from the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. They see the white sand beaches, tropical climate, and ocean breezes as reminders of their home, and it is inviting to them. The Governor has now retracted that invitation.