Sick! Socialist Canada Is Marketing Doctor-Assisted Suicide to Kids as Young as 6


Canada’s creepy doctor-assisted suicide regime is finally starting to make some headlines. This sick program has now been revealed to be marketing this state-sanctioned murder to children as young as 6. That slippery slope we’re always hearing about doesn’t have much further to go to reach the bottom when it comes to this.

Government bureaucrats and politicians in Canada are now discussing extending the age at which the government will kill people right down to moments after birth if a baby is unexpectedly born with disabilities and the parents don’t want to raise it.

Those who haven’t paid close attention to this issue may not realize it, but different countries and states that allow doctor-assisted murder are all calling it by the same gentle and innocuous-sounding acronym: Medical Assistance in Dying, or Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). As if the maid is coming by your house to tidy up a bit. That’s what they call it in Canada, and we harumph about what socialists they are. But that’s also what they now call it in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, and the District of Columbia.

Canada’s MAID backers have now been caught publishing a children’s book aimed at 6- to 12-year-old children, extolling the virtues of having a doctor “compassionately” kill you. The book is clearly aimed at socially conditioning young kids to think that doctor-assisted murder is okay. It’s geared toward third or fourth-graders, and the language is written the same as in many children’s stories that parents read to their kids. It’s called the “Medical Assistance in Dying Activity Book.”

This idea of doctors killing patients is always sold to people as a compassionate thing in the beginning. They say it will only be used on people who are so sick and suffering from so much pain that their last few days will be spent in agony, and this hastening of the process is somehow a good thing. But Canada’s compassion, which will no doubt soon be coming to many American states, has begun producing horror stories like the following.

In 2019, a 61-year-old man named Alan Nichols had his doctors kill him because he was experiencing hearing loss. That’s it. That’s what he put on his MAID application. His family was stunned because Alan could still hear just fine with his hearing aids.

In a hospital in London, Ontario, a hospital’s medical ethicist encouraged a man with a degenerative brain disorder to opt for assisted suicide, because his medical bills were going to be expensive. The ethicist informed him that his bill – in Canada’s vaunted socialist medicine system – would be “north of $1,500 a day” to keep him alive through his illness.
A woman petitioned Canada’s Parliament last year to have a doctor kill her 4-year-old son because he has mental retardation.

Just last month, a man on disability with back pain was facing the prospect of eviction from his apartment. He requested MAID because he was afraid of becoming homeless. His application was accepted, and they were going to kill him, but then he changed his mind when Christians raised money on GoFundMe to pay his rent for a year. Being sad or worried or disabled are all valid reasons to have a doctor kill you in Canada.

Despite those horror stories, Parliament has now amended its MAID law to expand it next year. “Mature youths” – meaning teenagers who seem mature enough to medical ethicists – will be allowed to apply for doctor-assisted murder without parental consent. If you thought it was bad that schools were gender-transitioning kids without parental knowledge, wait until that goes into effect. Imagine a school notifying parents that Johnny or Suzie had a doctor kill them today because they were feeling a bit blue.

The fact that they’re marketing MAID to kids as young as six indicates that they have no plans to stop with teenagers. This is not a slippery slope. It’s already way past that.