She Didn’t Go to Notre Dame, but This Nun Can Tackle

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While not educated at the famous US college, a Nun for the Missionary Family of Notre Dame (FMND) tackled a protestor on October 14th in France, like she was. An unidentified Nun, along with her fellow Brides of Christ, have been defending the construction of a new worship center of Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, in Ardèche. Going against them has been the Pour l’avenir association of the Bourges valley.

Just the day before, the Nuns issued a press release and reminded protestors and environmental nut jobs that the court had ruled on it. They pledged to show “total determination to continue the work legally and to assert its rights.” So, when someone attempted to break through with one of the pipes they had stored as material, the sister flew (literally) into action.

These “green” bastards like to just show up the world over and expect people to immediately comply with their demands. Brainwashed to believe that they can destroy a construction site, equipment, or materials and then just walk away, they often end up receiving a new awakening. While many don’t expect the Catholics to go out and bust some chins, the lessons of Christ tell us that sometimes that is exactly what is needed and what is warranted.

In this situation, the tackling Nun and the rest of her fellow defenders can take solace in knowing that they stood up for what is right. She knows what is up, and she knows how to take revenge for the Lord. While God might not like the methods, he ultimately cannot argue with the results, and even he would say the juice was worth the squeeze.