President Biden Finally Finds Time To See His Biggest Failure in Person


No, not Hunter Biden.

President Biden finally took the time to go visit the US-Mexico border. It’s only been two years since he crippled the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) with horrific policies, and poor budgeting. Even Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is being tied to his policies. Now he’ll see the fruits of his labor.

While visiting Kentucky with the GOP’s Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), he was asked about his rumored plans to visit in a week. “That’s my intention, we’re working out the details now.” The location was not named, but with President Biden being due at an international meeting in Mexico City with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it makes sense to stop at the border.

So far, Biden has ducked every question about the border thrown his way. Instead, he has expected his Vice President, Kamala Harris as well as pro-immigration by any means, Cuban-born Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorka to field the questions for him. Naturally, neither one sees a problem with it.

VP Harris has no frame of reference on the border. While she was DA in San Francisco, she never learned about the border and the problems that exist down there. She only got to deal with the illegals who lucked out and made it there. When there, the liberal policies of Harris would let them stay free and able to commit more crimes. She did little to nothing to punish criminals or to be an effective leader.

Meanwhile, Mayorkas is someone who benefitted from the Cuban Revolution, which allowed his parents to flee the communist island, only for the US to take in his family, as well as the one-year-old. He has heard the first-person tales of how bad it can get, so he has a soft spot for everyone who wasn’t born here. If anything, he has a slight chip on his shoulder for those who were born here.

For these two to be speaking up on the border is shameful. For President Biden to avoid it for two years is even worse. The man has been in national politics for decades, so he has had reasons to visit it nearly every year of his adult life, yet he wants to act as if it doesn’t exist. The US has had a massive surge of illegal immigrants since he took office.

Unfortunately, we have had that surge. Roughly 3.5 illegals have gotten through the border, including an estimated 1 million that simply got away from them. This figure doesn’t include the millions of legal immigrants and visa workers. This figure is so significant that many put the figure as one migrant for each American who celebrates their 18th birthday. To look at that data alone is just magnificent.

This trip for Biden has done very little. By having a preplanned, orchestrated, and dictated visit, he didn’t get the reality of the border. These “dog and pony shows” that are put on for politicians beautify the problems so they don’t see the realities as they truly are. It’s a shame that it doesn’t happen because Biden truly needs this experience.

Families in Arizona come home to find their houses ransacked at least twice a year. The farmers in New Mexico lose their herds when illegals destroy their fences instead of walking around. Or maybe meet some of the families that have lost loved ones to cartels and illegals. He won’t, though. That just makes the liberal dream look just as dirty as every conservative knows it is.