Paris is Making Hobos, Hookers, and Illegals Disappear Before the Summer Olympics

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It’s been more than a decade since Paris last looked as clean as it is today. All the illegal aliens, hookers, and homeless bums are vanishing at a rapid pace. It’s not because the city government in Paris suddenly started caring about their citizens. The undesirables are disappearing because Paris is hosting the Summer Olympics in July and August.

It’s very similar to when California Governor Gavin Newsom cleaned up San Francisco in about 24 hours, right before communist dictator Xi Jinping came to town a few months ago. Progressive leaders could clean up their cities, which are overflowing with filth and public disorder, if they wanted to. But they don’t want to because they hate their own taxpaying citizens.

One of the places complaining about the actions in Paris is the mayor of Orleans in central France. Serge Grouard says that Paris has been dumping busloads of homeless illegal aliens in his town. About 500 have shown up unannounced so far.

Each of the illegal aliens gets a “free” three-week stay in an Orleans hotel, paid for by the taxpayers, but then the illegals are on their own. This means they immediately become homeless and resort to theft and robbery to sustain themselves, not to mention the fact that you don’t want to walk down the sidewalk in flip-flops or sandals.

While the mayors of surrounding towns are not happy that they are suddenly hosting Paris’s problems, you could look at this as an opportunity if you’re a tourist. Many people have avoided traveling to Paris since 2015, when Europe started allowing in every illegal alien from Africa and the Middle East who showed up.

The city was just too scummy and dangerous. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Paris, this summer looks like it will be the perfect time.