Oops! – New York Republicans Find Their Voter Cards Read “Democrat”

Castleski / shutterstock.com
Castleski / shutterstock.com

Imagine filling out all the paperwork to become a voter in New York. Then, when you get your card, there’s a glaring problem. It reads “Democrat” instead of the “Republican” or “Independent” that you claimed to be.

Unfortunately, this is a very real problem for New Yorkers in Nassau County. Voters received their voter ID cards in the mail only to find out that there was a huge problem. And the timing couldn’t be worse, considering that the primaries are next month.

Every single card said that they were registered as a Democrat. That’s quite the error and quite convenient for the liberals who want to control everything in the state, don’t you think?

This “oops” impacted about 500,000 voters.

Bruce Blakeman (R) is the Nassau County Executive and knows how upset the voters are.

Blakeman told WNBC-TV that people have been calling in to find out who changed their registration.

The local printing company, Phoenix Graphics, responsible for producing the cards called it a “human error.” They have assured everyone in a statement that the polling information is correct despite what it may say on the voter ID card. “This is an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem.”

New voter ID cards are being mailed to everyone in Nassau County. Meanwhile, everyone should probably double-check their information at the polls. You know, just in case.