Only Trump to be Treated as a Criminal for Classified Docs; Not Pence, Obama, Biden, Bush, Clinton, Etc.

Steve Edreff /
Steve Edreff /

This insane farce that we have posing as a “justice system” in America right now needs to be burned to the ground and replaced with something better. The Department of Justice sent a letter to former Vice President Mike Pence last week, informing him that they would press no charges against him for having a dozen classified documents at his house. Pence now joins the long list of high-ranking officials who are never charged with possessing classified documents unless they are Donald Trump.

Guess who else won’t be charged for mishandling classified documents? Joe Biden!

Creepy Joe was caught with 1,850 boxes of documents—many of which are classified—at his office in Delaware. He had classified documents at an office in Chinatown and boxes of more classified documents in his garage next to the Corvette that the DMV no longer allows him to drive. All of those documents were stolen from the government by Biden. Vice presidents and Senators are not allowed to take classified documents out of a government SCIF.

Biden did that. He stole all of those documents when he was Obama’s vice president and when he was a Senator. He stole them exactly like Mike Pence must have stolen a dozen docs in his house. But it’s not a crime because Joe Biden is not Donald Trump.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton all took classified documents home after they left office. Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, many of which were classified, in order to escape justice. None of those were crimes, however, since those people are not Donald Trump.

It’s only a crime worthy of a years-long witch hunt/investigation followed by an indictment when people named Donald Trump have classified documents in their possession. See how that works?