North Miami Beach Leading Leftist Busted Committing Voter Fraud

Joe Belanger /
Joe Belanger /

It’s becoming more and more obvious just how corrupt and despicable the liberals of the US are and just how they always do so well in the Miami portion of Florida.

North Miami Beach mayor Anthony DeFilippo is now facing up to 15 years in prison for three felony counts of voter fraud. Arrested on May 31st, he could be looking at five years behind bars per count of these third-degree felonies.

Just six months ago, a complaint was filed with the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trust that alleged that DeFilippo was actually a resident of Davie over in Broward County. According to DeFilippo, he owns property there, but as he had separated from his wife, he was residing in North Miami Beach. Records show that DeFilippo has confirmed that he owns two properties in Davie.

The property DeFilippo claims only his wife calls home is in the Sierra Ranches housing community of Davie and was purchased for $1,226,500 back in July 2022 per the Broward County property records. This is a homeowners association community, where DeFilippo also sits on the board by his own admission.

Behind the charges, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has leveled accusations that DeFilippo drove from Davie to North Miami Beach in August, October, and November 2022 to cast his ballot. Rundle ascertains that cellular phone data points directly to DeFilippo going from his home in Davie to voting at a precinct in North Miami Beach and then back to his home in Davie.

DeFilippo’s attorney Michael Pizzi claimed political motivation was the root cause for his client’s arrest. “The mayor has explained over and over again, and under oath, he always intended to and always lived in North Miami Beach. We look forward to a speedy exoneration.”

Per the Miami Herald, DeFilippo flip-flopped properties in North Miami Beach as he went from one condo to living with his sick mother and then to his condo. His latest small one-bedroom condo is in the same building his wife owns a two-bedroom condo. DeFlipppo ascertains that in all this moving around, he simply forgot to make the required updates, which is the opposite of Rundle’s claims that this was intentional and deliberate.

This case marks the third time the North Miami Beach mayor has ended up in cuffs while in office.

Back in 2012, Mayor Myron Rosner was arrested and charged with unlawful compensation for official behavior, grand theft and falsely reporting campaign expenditures. This mixture of felonies and misdemeanors was a shock to the community and put the Democrats in the spotlight for this action. Unsurprisingly, he pled guilty to a single count of unlawful compensation and got three years’ probation.

In 2018, the man who replaced Rosner, George Vallejo, found himself resigning from office and taking house arrest to accept a plea deal. This deal would keep him out of prison for his violations of state campaign finance laws. The two first-degree misdemeanors he was facing from the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office were not soft charges either.

These three mayors of North Miami Beach have been the perfect representation of what not to do when you run for public office. You would think that any one of them would have learned from those who went before them, yet none of them did. Instead, they just played similar games and won similarly stupid prizes for their participation.

Residents of North Miami Beach should be ashamed. They have proven that they are unable to see past their leftist bias and instead want nothing to do with good sensible people. Instead, they want the progressive policies and lies that leave them asking where it all went so wrong in just a few short months. They are now proof of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, and yet somehow expecting different results. They should be ashamed.