McDonalds Now Facing a Lawsuit As Employees Watch Teen Being Beaten by Supersized Adult

Thomas Gilfeather /
Thomas Gilfeather /

Thirteen-year-old Kassidy Jones went to McDonald’s in Harbor City; she never expected she would be assaulted simply for enjoying her meal and looking around the restaurant. Most people wouldn’t expect that either, especially kids. Yet according to Jones, the woman sized her up and proclaimed, “What the F are y’all looking at? I fight kids. I fight you.”

As the woman dragged and beat on the teen, the only one who tried to help the poor child was a male who had come with the attacker. Jones’s mother, Angelina Grey, called the police and took her child to the hospital. Severe bruising and swelling were easily visible on the teen’s face. Neither Jones nor Grey knew the woman. She evaded arrest until September 28th, when she was brought in on suspicion of felony child abuse.

Speaking with Fox11, family attorney Toni Jaramillo said, “McDonald’s has an obligation to provide a clean and safe place for its customers to dine. Kassidy’s injuries could have been prevented, and she should have been given some form of help after the attack. This situation should have never happened.”

This obligation is one the company maintains they take seriously, and their owner/operator Tawnie Blade shared that feeling when Fox11 caught up with her. She claimed that employees called law enforcement and that they tried to help officers as much as they could with their investigation. At no time did she mention anything about the inaction of her employees.

Beatings like this are becoming more common. With so many kids acting out and facing no consequences, they grow into adults who feel like they can just throw fists and have a temper tantrum to get their way. Thankfully, this supersized failure will likely get some time to think about what she’s done. Hopefully, the Hamburgler doesn’t teach her how to fasten a chiv from a chicken bone.