Majority 55 Percent of Americans Can’t Afford Summer Vacation Because of Joe Biden

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Davizro Photography /

The Biden economy is so terrible that hardly any American families can afford to take a vacation this summer. A Fox News poll this month found that 55% of Americans won’t be taking summer vacation this year. Of those, 73% said they don’t have enough money to travel or take time off work.

The poll found bad economic numbers across the board for Joe Biden. Eighty-four percent said gas prices were too high for their family and 89% said groceries were too high. The Republican National Committee (RNC) estimated in May that the average Wisconsin family has to spend $21,981 more today just to maintain the same quality of life they had when Donald Trump was in office.

Biden’s gaslighting on how great his economy is doing is not fooling many people, either. A Harris/Guardian poll last week found that 55% of Americans believe the economy is shrinking and 56% say we’re already in a recession. Fifty-eight percent of Americans directly blame Joe Biden for throwing the US economy into its current death spiral.

It’s not hard to see why. We’ve never seen such a stark difference between two presidential administrations before in US history. A Big Mac meal at McDonald’s costs $10 more today than it did when Donald Trump was in office.

How’s your monthly electric bill, by the way? If you’re like most Americans, you’re paying 30% more per month than you were when Trump was in office. That’s directly tied to Joe Biden’s Green New Deal energy policies.

Disposable cash that Americans used to be able to set aside to take a summer vacation no longer exists because Biden has driven the cost of living so high. Just imagine what kind of shape American families will be in if Team Biden stays in office for four more years.