Major Design Mistake Made on Biden’s Website


Democratic President Joe Biden has quite an unusual presidency, to be sure. So, it’s only fitting that his reelection campaign starts off in the same ridiculous way.

If you haven’t heard, Biden made his reelection bid for the White House official on Tuesday, noting that his choice for vice president and his right hand would still be Kamala Harris.

Naturally, that same day, his official 2024 campaign website was launched. But that site includes a rather hilarious mistake and one that makes it seem as though no one put a whole lot of thought into it.

On the homepage, there are the expected pictures of both Biden and Harris walking together and laughing. Accompanying the images is the slogan, “Together, we can finish the job for the American people.”

The problem with it, however, is that the text is editable, meaning just about anyone can go in and change it to whatever they want.

And naturally, people have been doing just that.

Most of the edits have been one of the many rather embarrassing blunders or word salads Biden has put on full display over the last few years. For example, one brings us back to that time when he read “repeat the line” out loud off the teleprompter at a presser.

Another calls on the time Biden referred to America as” ASUFUTIMAEHAEFUTBW” when Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

Or there are the many making fun of Biden’s age.

Now, clearly, this mistake was no fault of Biden’s. I doubt he has much to do with a computer of any kind these days, let alone designing a website.

However, it’s a perfect example of how Biden’s entire presidency has gone thus far. It’s just one stupid and all too avoidable mistake after another. From the tragedy of the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and high inflation rates to how he can’t remember where he is or why, it’s just been a horrible flop.

And one that the entire world has made a joke out of. So it should surprise no one that the threat of another four years with Biden as commander-in-chief should start out the same way.