Lindell’s Revenge: Anti-Trump Bed, Bath & Beyond Goes Under

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Even though most Americans still need things like bedrooms and bathrooms, giant retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond has managed to crash and burn in spectacular fashion. The beleaguered home goods retailer had been facing a soft boycott from Trump supporters for the past few years, thanks to its very public separation from Mike “The Pillow Guy” Lindell. That was apparently enough to push Bed, Bath & Beyond over the edge and into bankruptcy.

As MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell was one of the staunchest supporters of President Donald J. Trump and the MAGA movement. Lindell is a man of principle, who is truly unmoved by the herd. When the rest of corporate America decided that they hated Trump (and therefore their own customers by extension), Lindell stuck to his guns. He firmly supported the January 6 peaceful election protests at the US Capitol and paid money out of his own pocket to run investigations on the 2020 election that our disinterested Enemy of the People media refused to do.

Lindell accurately described the 2020 contest as “the biggest election fraud in history.” For that, Bed, Bath & Beyond severed ties with Lindell in early 2021 for being an “election denier.” The once-popular retailer stopped selling all of MyPillow’s products, because of the political beliefs of the company’s founder and CEO.

Don’t you miss the good old days when everyone could buy a pair of shoes without having to check a political box first? One CEO could say, “I support Donald Trump because I like peace and prosperity not starting stupid and pointless wars.” Another CEO could say, “I support grooming and castrating kids, so I like Joe Biden.” And it didn’t matter, because everyone could just go shopping where they wanted to. That was a nice system. Maybe we’ll go back to it someday after the empire finishes collapsing.

But for the sin of supporting the most popular and effective conservative president in modern history, Bed, Bath & Beyond canceled its contract with Mike Lindell.

Trump supporters look at Mike Lindell and we see one of our own. He’s an amazing American success story. He embodies the American dream and the Protestant work ethic that used to set our country apart from all others economically. When Bed, Bath & Beyond attacked Mike Lindell—to attack President Trump—the company was attacking all of us.

So, the MAGA movement simply stopped shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond. The BB&B story is one that we’ve seen many times before. Some vampire squid company moves into a community, wipes out all of the local suppliers in a particular sector, and then somehow still manages to go bankrupt even after it has no more real competition.

The thing that did Bed, Bath & Beyond in, however, was all of its former customers voting with their feet. These corporate CEOs always seem to forget that the other guy has a vote, too. You cancel Mike Lindell, and we cancel YOU.

MAGA supporters started buying the “Made in America” products from Mike Lindell and stopped frequenting Bed, Bath & Beyond for their overpriced “Made in China” stuff. With the way that Bed, Bath & Beyond was leveraged, they were unable to withstand even a soft boycott from the MAGA movement like this one. It wasn’t even an organized boycott! We all just stopped shopping there, because they had declared half of their regular customers to be enemies. Good job, vampire squid company!

Hopefully, Mike Lindell will be able to gobble up Bed, Bath & Beyond once it goes into bankruptcy proceedings. Won’t it be hilarious if every BB&B location in America becomes a MyPillow in a few months?