Lauren Boebert Gets Good News from Trump

lev radin /
lev radin /

If you know much about Colorado Representative and Republican Lauren Boebert, it’s likely that she’s not had a lot of good news lately. Thankfully, former President Donald Trump just gave her some.

You may know that, like so many others, Boebert is up for reelection this year. Well, kind of. She is running to keep a seat in the House of Representatives, just not the one she currently has.

As you may know, 2023 wasn’t exactly kind to Boebert. Her marriage of over 15 years ended in September, and rather messily. And if that wasn’t bad enough, both her ex-husband and her oldest son have been entangled in some rather sticky and embarrassing legal situations since.

In January, Boebert and her now ex were seen in a public altercation. Just a few days later, that estranged husband was arrested after fighting with their oldest son, Tyler.

Then, just a few short weeks later, that son was arrested on multiple felony charges.

Needless to say, none of it paints Boebert in a favorable light. As we all know, even being remotely tied to such activity can be devastating for one’s career, especially in politics and especially in an election year.

Thankfully, she has at least one person who has decided that her untimely family chaos doesn’t mean she can’t or shouldn’t do her job.

In fact, Trump even went so far as to endorse her on social media recently.

According to the presidential candidate, Boebert is “a Proven Conservative and Effective Leader who delivers for Colorado, and our America First agenda. She has led the fight to Impeach Joe Biden, Stop Illegal Immigration, Defend the Second Amendment, Protect our Wonderful Ranchers and Farmers, Support our Military and Veterans, Secure our Natural Resources to Purse Energy Dominance, and Stand Up to the Radical Democrats who want to Destroy our Beautiful Country.”

For that, she has earned his “Complete and Total Endorsement for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.”

To be clear, Boebert is going to need all the help she can get to win her race. We’ll have to see if Trump’s bit of good news will be enough.