Israel Admits They Are Choking Out Free Speech

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Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, passed a severe new law on April 1st. One that would ensure that freedom of speech and a free press were no longer an option in Israel. Referred to as the Al Jazeera law, it’s written with language targeting the network’s operations in the country. Closing the channel for 45 days, they could opt to extend it in additional 45-day blocks.

Subsequently, Israel’s Minister of Communications, Shlomo Karhi, tweeted in Hebrew, “There will be no freedom of speech for Hamas mouthpieces in Israel. Al Jazeera will be closed in the coming days. We have brought an efficient and quick tool for action against those who use the freedom of the press to harm Israel’s security and IDF soldiers and incite terrorism in times of war… We will act immediately!”

Not to be outdone, Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu added his opinion on X as well. Calling out the network for their actions to support Hamas’ operations on October 7th, he vowed to end the network’s broadcast capabilities immediately.

With other Israeli officials citing the channel for their glorification of the Hamas fighters, they specifically mentioned one live broadcast where a reporter cut off someone speaking ill of Hamas. The elderly woman was from Gaza and had been severely wounded in their attacks and was quickly cast aside by Al Jazeera as something people should ignore and disregard. Never mind the fact that her comments about Hamas hiding in with the civilians is a well-known fact.

Hamas’ tactic of hiding in plain sight with the civilians in Gaza is the same tactic that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic fighters have adopted. This tactic has worked for centuries, and as long as the IDF has to abide by the Geneva Convention this is going to keep happening.

As Israel prepares to silence a free press and free speech with the end of Al Jazeera, we already know how this turns out. The liberals have been doing the same thing with the mainstream media here in the US. This is why so much of the truth is being hidden and why the liberals are always capitalizing on bad news.