Iran and Bolivia Team Up

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While attending the Assembly of Heads of Gas Exporting Countries in Algeria, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Bolivian socialist President Luis Arce took advantage of the opportunity to meet up and talk. Raisi wasted no time showering Arce with praise and support after Bolivia cut its ties with Israel following its response to the Hamas invasion on October 7th. As a part of their existing partnership, the duo wants to boost the level of trade, energy, technical engineering services, and agriculture between their nations.

The Iranian president added that the nation “has no obstacle to promote cooperation with the Bolivian government, and the economic and commercial relations between the two countries should grow and develop to the extent of political interactions between them.” The Bolivian president, who declared that a group loyal to or from Israel staged an uprising after he severed ties with Israel, also sees no issue with the relationship.

Getting these two countries on closer terms is something out of a cheap horror movie. Iran has the muscle and technology advantage in the relationship. Bolivia simply provides a great place to place Iranian troops, a wealth of resources, and willing bodies. Once their needs have served a purpose, Iran will move on and leave them behind and desolate. Yet the Bolivian government and their people are too blind to see that.

All the Bolivian President sees is a way to keep his regime going. The Iranian officials provide them with a way to militarize borders, eliminate oppression, and conduct themselves as Iran does. For the US, this poses an exceptional risk. Many of the illegals being caught at the border are Bolivian and of military age. It would be incredibly easy to sneak in operatives with no ID and no “record” of their past.

This strengthened relationship could easily mark the turning of the tide and Iran getting ready to bring the fight to American borders.