Ignore the Terrible Polls; Biden is Headed for 2024 Victory Anyway, According to Demented Dems 

Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.com
Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.com

While poll after poll shows that throwing support behind bumbling President Joe Biden is a losing strategy, Democrats continue to find ways to justify his reelection campaign. 

The biggest argument the Democrats have is that no matter how bad Biden is, former President Donald Trump is worse. This strategy is used to refute every concern Americans have, from a failed economy to Uncle Joe’s charming age-related “eccentricities” that include forgetting where he is, embellishing his personal history to suit whatever audience he is addressing, calling on deceased colleagues, and repeatedly tripping over air. 

Progressive commentator and author Michael Tomasky listed all of Trump’s perceived “misdeeds” while in office as a response to growing concerns about Biden’s age. His list contained nothing new and included incidents such as Trump using a Sharpie on a hurricane map, the “trumped” up claim that the former president suggested Americans inject bleach to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, and, of course, his allegations that the 2020 election was rigged. 

But except for the new ones Democrats have manufactured to obstruct his 2024 campaign, all of Trump’s “misdeeds” occurred while he was in office. And, in 2020, almost half of the American voters expressed that they were less than concerned over the abuse of a Sharpie pen. 

Despite what Democrats would have Americans believe, Biden’s victory was not “a resounding indictment of Trump.” In the three states that pulled him over the finish line, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia, Biden eked out a win that was anything less than decisive and secured his “victory” by less than 45,000 votes.  

Democrats are relying on their base voters to ensure a 2024 win, such as the Latino, Black, and youth blocs. They are pinning their hopes on voters who are pulling away from Biden in alarming numbers. Polls consistently show Biden losing support in the Latino and Black communities, and even more concerning, research is showing that youth are far less engaged in politics than ever before. 

Younger voters are growing frustrated by the lack of trustworthy political news and are disenfranchised by both sides of the political aisle. Young voters cannot identify with older representatives and feel these “old folks” cannot identify with their needs and perspectives. Additionally, young voters seek to distance themselves from the rampant negativity in Washington, D.C., understanding that mudslinging accomplishes nothing on Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, ever-emerging scandals and corruption have rocked the foundation of many formerly trustworthy institutions, further widening the gap between young voters and politics.   

Democrats assume that young voters will show up in 2024 to bring them across the finish line, but that is only if they can convince them to vote in the first place. It’s a problem that Democrats and Republicans both ignore at their own peril. 

People close to the president often point to the 2020 election to show that Biden can “overcome challenges.” But the 2020 election saw Democrats motivated by four years of Trump-bashing and what they considered “a slow response” to the pandemic. But in 2024, Biden’s losses will be entirely his own.  

In their fantasy world, the Democrat strategy is to urge voters to ignore the polls. Democrats frequently point out that Biden’s dismal poll numbers are “too far out” from the 2024 election to give any clear indication of a devastating 2024 defeat.  

But in the real world, voters are far more likely to vote based on their bank accounts regardless of being told to “ignore the polls,” showing that most Americans are struggling alongside them.  Many Biden supporters have expressed “buyer’s remorse” and will break for Trump to restore financial stability to their lives.  

Despite Americans turning on Biden from every corner of the nation, Democrats have no backup plan. In their fantasy world, voters will choose Biden no matter what. The administration is coordinating efforts to remove any Biden challenger and ensure he remains unopposed. It’s like betting on a three-legged horse to win the Preakness and locking all the others at the starting gate so they cannot beat him. 

A fantasy world, like Disneyland, is fun to visit, but Democrats believe that living in one is the key to a Biden victory. And why not? Their president is Goofy.