How Kirk Cameron Plans to Take Over Libraries

If you know much about childhood in this day and age, you’ll see that the political left is slowly taking it over. Thankfully, there are those like Kirk Cameron who has a plan to combat that takeover with one of his own.

As a Christian parent, Cameron has seen all too often how our children’s entertainment, education, and free time are being filled with images and messages that do not promote Christ, freedom, or love. Instead, division, hate, and obscenities fill those spaces.

And so, Cameron has a plan to reverse that – or at least it’s a start.

He’s named it “See You at the Library,” which is partnered with BRAVE Books, a publisher of conservative-themed children’s literature. Basically, the plan is to have Christians go to the library, where they will then “pray, sing, and read BRAVE books and other books of virtue.”

As Cameron said, “We are on a mission to not only take back one hour at a few libraries but to redeem every minute of every day. We want to spark a genuine, faith-filled revival that literally transforms our land.”

The original event was scheduled for August 5.

But clearly, the hope is that these events are not a one-time thing.

And so he’s calling on “all families who love God and love America to gather at our local public libraries.”

Of course, he’s been met with no small amount of opposition.

Protesters have shown up and, as Fox News reported, “threats of interruptions by drag queen performers and those representing LGBTQI points of view and other alternative beliefs.”

Even library officials from the American Library Association have offered “advice” on squashing the movement and restricting library rooms from being used for it. Thankfully, a few GOP senators have come together to investigate and now withhold federal funding from the ALA in response.

As Cameron says, “The world is a scary place. But it’s far scarier to project what will happen if good people don’t show up.”

So let’s show up for our kids, faith, and country.