How Biden-flation Hit Super Bowl Parties This Year

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If there was one message in Joe Biden’s rambling, amphetamine-infused, and nonsensical State of the Union address this year, it was this: You filthy peasants have never had it so good! Biden, who somehow became a millionaire many times over during a 50-year career in “public service,” has no clue just how badly his inflationary policies are hurting Americans.

Food prices have never been higher and are still rising. With Super Bowl LVII just days behind us, millions of Americans had to decide whether to take on more credit card debt just to afford the grub for a party.

From December 2021 until December 2022, inflation has hit all household food prices by 12%. Restaurants are eating into their own narrow profit margins. They’ve only raised their prices by 8.3%, while all of their grocery costs are up. And remember, the 12% for household food is average. Some things have only gone up 5 to 8%, while many staples are up 16 to even 20%. We’ve lost track of how much more expensive eggs have gotten.

Surveys have identified chips and dips as the favorite household snack to serve during a Super Bowl party. How much have the ingredients for those gone up? The chips alone have risen 22% since the previous Super Bowl. Tomatoes for salsa are up 17%. Cheddar cheese has gone up 14%, and American cheese has gone up 20%.

Pizza is another Super Bowl party favorite. Combined with the tomatoes and cheese, the cost of white flour for pizza dough has gone up 35%. Domino’s says it’s had to raise its prices for pizza by about 10%. Wells Fargo says the price of chicken wings has declined by 22%, but the numbers on that statistic just don’t add up. Restaurant owners say the price of wings from their suppliers has gone up by more than 90%.

Side dishes and drinks have been hit as well. Soft drinks have increased by 45%, and beer is up 12%. Chocolate chip cookies have risen in price by 22%.

But you know this already. You spent the money. But if it all seemed like the bill got to be too high too fast, you know the reasons why.

None of this has an impact on Joe Biden in any way. He hasn’t seen the inside of a grocery store in decades, and the servants who prepare his food in his many mansions probably don’t speak to him much about grocery prices. But for the average American, the Democrat Party’s leadership has been a total disaster for the past two years.

And as bad as Joe Biden has been, the Democrats want to replace him in the 2024 presidential race with someone even worse: California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Even restaurants that survived Newsom’s pandemic lockdowns are struggling to keep their doors open. Newsom is spearheading a plan with the legislature’s Democrat super-majority to raise the minimum wage for all fast food workers to $22 per hour, with annual raises that match the inflation rate. The CEO of McDonald’s has said that if this becomes law, the franchise will have to close all 1,165 restaurants in the state. Most if not all of the state’s 550,000 fast-food workers will no longer have jobs – and consumers will have no more fast-food options.

This brings us to one more Big Lie from Joe Biden’s viciously nasty speech. He claimed, once again, that he’s not raising taxes on any Americans making less than $400,000. But this very same week, he instructed the IRS to go after the tips of restaurant employees. Working-class Americans can look forward to increased scrutiny from the most feared federal agency, to make sure they’re paying “their fair share.”

The worst part of all this is that while inflation has slowed a tiny bit in recent months (Biden brags about this), food prices are still climbing. The price of groceries isn’t going down any time soon. The speed of the price increases is just getting slightly slower. Stolen elections have consequences.