Half of American College Grads Are Working High School-Level Jobs

ESB Professional / shutterstock.com
ESB Professional / shutterstock.com

A gloomy study released this week shows that about half of all college graduates in America are working in high school-level jobs like food service or retail. It’s just the latest indication that Americans’ quality of life has plummeted drastically ever since the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

The study was conducted by Burning Glass Institute and Strada Institute for the Future of Work. Its research also found that 52% of college graduates are under-employed during their first year out of school, and they are likely to remain under-employed for the next five years. Under-employed is defined as taking a job that doesn’t typically require a bachelor’s degree.

“A recent graduate employed in a college-level job typically earns about 88 percent more than a high school diploma holder, while an underemployed graduate typically earns only about 25 percent more than someone with no education beyond high school,” noted the study’s authors. “This leaves underemployed graduates on weaker financial footing as they start their careers, especially those with substantial student loan debt.”

Mass immigration is only making this problem worse. Dating back to when Barack Obama was in office, more than 50% of engineering graduates in the US can’t get a job in engineering. That’s because the tech jobs are primarily centered in places like Silicon Valley and Seattle.

The leftists running Big Tech companies like Facebook almost exclusively hire foreign engineers from places like India. Why pay an American engineer what they’re worth when you can pay five Indian “engineers” for the same price?

The only way that this problem can be solved is by tightening up the labor market—and the only way that can happen is if America finally turns off the immigration spigot.