GOP Leader Begins Impeachment Process for Top Biden Official

AndriiKoval /
AndriiKoval /

With the Trump-era Title 42 immigration restrictions officially expired and no longer in play, it’s become clear that America’s southern border and the entire United States have become so much more dangerous. And that’s given one GOP leader cause to start impeachment filings for those responsible.

If you hadn’t heard, the United States’ southern border mess just got a whole more chaotic at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, when Title 42 officially expired. The restrictions were put in place by Trump as a way to limit the number of incoming illegal and legal immigrants during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, giving immigration officials a reason to screen those crossing the border and wanting access to our communities based on health risks such as the then-worrisome coronavirus.

With COVID-19 all but relegated to the flu, the “need” for such health regulations is no longer required. However, as pretty much everyone learned, the restrictions did allow for fewer immigration issues, as they put limits on how many migrants were accepted into the US.

Of course, that’s the last thing Democratic President Joe Biden and his team of liberals want. And so the laws have been nixed, essentially opening an already gaping hole in our border and its security even wider.

And already we are seeing the devastating results. Communities already struggling to meet the demands of incoming migrants now face hordes of them. And not all are just innocent families looking for a new start.

As a result, we have crime rates jumping through the roof, drug use at an all-time high, human smuggling rings popping up everywhere, and murders happening all the time.

Thankfully, some in Washington see these issues and are willing to do something about it—people like House Majority Whip Tom Emmer from Minnesota. Emmer, like most of the GOP, sees this as what it really is, a crime against our nation. And he’s calling for those responsible to be held accountable and punished.

Specifically, he wants Biden’s head of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, impeached.

On Friday, he proposed his plan to begin impeaching Mayorkas, calling what he’s done with border security and immigration the “greatest malfeasance” and demanding that Mayorkas not be allowed to continue in his position of power.

As he said in an interview, “It’s not a failure to act – it’s an intentional failure to act. Mayorkas should be impeached.”

He noted that there has been even more crime since the borders were opened even wider on Thursday night. “Children are disappearing. People are getting killed. You’ve got 80 people across the southern border who are on the terrorist watch list.”

And yet Mayorkas and Biden act as though this is what needs to be happening.

Now, as a member of the GOP, Emmer is not typically one to throw around words like impeachment. After all, that’s a political stunt usually left to the Democrats.

However, in this case, Emmer finds it completely acceptable, as it is a “real, real issue.”

And House Speaker Kevin McCarthy seems to agree, at least to the point that he’s decided to look into impeachment.

So he’s said he and his colleagues will “do all the homework on what has transpired” at the border and essentially follow that wherever it takes them. If it leads to an impeachment inquiry, so be it.

Of course, Mayorkas isn’t the only one to blame here.

For starters, it was Biden’s idea to be rid of Title 42 and a slew of other border restrictions that were once in place, helping to keep our country and our communities safe. You know, like the border wall that Trump had commissioned to be built, and he’d even already paid for it and all the supplies.

And yet, Biden is literally paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars a day to ensure those supplies sit and rot in the desert.

It’s time someone was held accountable for the atrocities we are seeing as a result of poor immigration policies. We might as well start with Mayorkas.