Former Senator Who Groped Women Says Donald Trump is Dangerous

mark reinstein /
mark reinstein /

A former US Senator who used to dress up in a diaper on Saturday Night Live says that President Donald Trump is “dangerous.” Appearing on CNN Monday, former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) says that he wishes former RINO saboteurs from the Trump administration would start speaking out against him. For those who don’t remember, Al Franken was driven from office after being accused of forcibly groping women’s private parts and trying to slip them the tongue against their will.

Franken, who was photographed leering and groping the breasts of radio host Leeann Tweeden on a USO flight in 2006 as she was sleeping, says the public really needs to know about that dangerous Donald Trump guy. Tweeden says as they were rehearsing a skit for the troops on that USO tour, Franken forcibly kissed her against her will.

“I felt disgusted and violated,” said Tweeden.

The disgraced former Senator told CNN that Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kelly (a totally dishonest backstabber), and former general James Mattis (ditto), should really speak out and warn the voters about Donald Trump.

I would like to see those former Trump administration officials start to say who this guy is,” said Franken, who once groped former military police officer Stephanie Kemplin’s breast during a USO photo op in Kuwait.

I remember thinking, Is he going to move his hand?’” asked Kemplin. Was it an accident? Was he going to move his hand? He never moved his hand.”

An anonymous elected official in Franken’s home state said she once had to turn her face to the side to avoid a wet, open-mouthed kiss that Franken tried to give her. He slobbered on the poor woman’s cheek. A Democrat Party donor says Franken grabbed “cupped her butt” in his hand at a 2008 fundraiser and asked her to meet him in the bathroom.

That’s Al Franken, ladies and gentlemen! The man who says that Donald Trump is the dangerous one you should watch out for.