Following the Flood of Fentanyl, a PA County Is Giving Up on Their “Sanctuary City” Aspirations

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Butler County, PA has had enough of the fentanyl crisis as it has slammed into the small county. Located just north of Pittsburgh, the county has a long history of voting Republican but previously had elected to allow illegal aliens to remain in the county. They were even given protection from being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

With illegals recently flooding the US and many of them making their way toward Pittsburgh, they knew they had to make a change when they started arresting people for DUIs who were high on fentanyl. Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger spoke with WTAE4 News about the problems coming with these illegal aliens who are slipping over the border. “Our crime is not just DUIs and retail theft anymore. We have drugs. Again, that stuff has not come from citizens that are making fentanyl in Butler County. It’s being brought here.”

Pennsylvania has been hit incredibly hard by the opioid crisis. Going from 1,700 drug deaths in 2005 to 5,100 in 2020 marks over a 220% increase. This kind of change doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without warning. With the number of people buying fake “vapes”, candies, and other forms of getting high, many of these deaths are coming from fake products and illegally packaged products. Packed with untested and unreliable dosing, users are dropping like flies across the state and nation.

With the evidence laid out clearly for all to see, you would think more states would be following their lead. Sadly, many jurisdictions are waiting to learn this lesson the hard way. Instead of proactively attempting to keep them out of their towns, or keeping people safe from their drugs, they are more worried about how they look in the public eye. By pushing for sanctuary protections for illegals, these cities look more progressive and attractive to younger people and more woke companies.

Yet, these policies lead to the very problems Butler County is just now dealing with. Places like San Diego, Tucson, El Paso, and even San Francisco have been dealing with this crisis for decades now. Conservatives have been warning the rest of the country about these issues. In Democratic-controlled areas, the local governments have been proclaiming their status, and many conservatives have been happy to help them fulfill their virtue signaling.

So far, these policies have only brought destruction to this country. By giving these illegals a place to hide in the open, they are only encouraging further illegal immigration. The cartels are more than happy to exploit the never-ending train of smugglers they can use along their trade routes.

Coming with them is a large dose of human smuggling. Many are coming because they are being paid to be snuck out of the country, and others are being trafficked for illegal labor. Many women in particular are being forced into prostitution and massage parlors to work off debts that can never be repaid, or as just another source of income.

The problems from sanctuary cities are now reaching the rural parts of the US through our invitations. We already have enough problems with illegals sneaking in to take jobs working as farmhands on dairy and cattle farms. Many farms can’t help but take the cheap help, especially when the cost of doing business with the middlemen is so sky high.

Now, the country will likely be asking the state and potentially Biden himself for more money to help fight this epidemic caused by Biden’s won failed policies. While a largely republican district, the voting base likely won’t want to go to the President hat in hand over their own mistake.