FL Man Facing Charges for Batting His Wife’s Lover in Their Bed

Mark Winfrey / shutterstock.com
Mark Winfrey / shutterstock.com

Just like every good American news story, this one is all about the legacy that is the Florida Man.

Lake Worth’s own John Dimmig, 33, is now facing attempted murder charges for trying to save his marriage with an aluminum baseball bat. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) responded to a call at an apartment on Lake Worth Beach. There they found blood across the apartment, before eventually finding the victim in bed with a towel to his gaping bloody head.

Speaking with deputies, the man claimed to be from Arizona, and out in FL to work as a CT technician, where he worked with Dimmig’s wife. He alleged that the two went out for drinks and ended up back at his Airbnb according to a CBS report. While in bed with the woman, Dimmig burst into the apartment and rushed the man. After three separate strikes to the victim’s head, his wife allegedly was able to get Dimmig away from the man.

Later the man would tell officers, “I felt like he was out to kill me.”

Surveillance footage showed Dimmig entering the residence around midnight, and his wife shortly thereafter heard screaming, and Dimmig then left. While the location of their discovery is uncertain, law enforcement officials did discover a shirt and the bat Dimmig used in the attack. He originally claimed he hadn’t left his residence all day except for a trip to Publix, but officials were also able to identify his vehicle in the vicinity of the attack when it occurred.

Attacks like these are not uncommon, but when attached to the ‘Florida Man’ statute, there is always something unique behind the crime. With arraignment set for July 17th, this one promises to be special.