Facebook/Meta Has Two-Thirds of All Employees Censoring Americans Before the 2024 Election

one photo / shutterstock.com
one photo / shutterstock.com

One of the big things that the tech companies and the federal government are pretending to worry about ahead of the 2024 election is artificial intelligence. The current narrative, which was inadvertently revealed during a CNBC interview last week, is that malicious AI is tricking Americans on social media. The solution to this fake problem, of course, is mass censorship—which Facebook/Meta is only too willing to engage in.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s Global Affairs President, appeared on CNBC last week to talk about the company’s efforts to combat supposed malicious AI that is flooding social media networks with “misinformation.” As we all know, liberals define “misinformation” as any opinion or piece of factual information that reflects badly on the Democrat Party or Joe Biden.

CNBC’s Sara Eisen notes that she believes it’s the government’s job to censor the American people on social media. She asked Clegg how many employees Facebook/Meta has censoring Americans right now, and the response was shocking.

Clegg said that Facebook/Meta now has 40,000 employees working hard at censoring Americans on its platform. Even the people at CNBC were shocked at that answer. You can hear someone noting on a hot mic that 40,000 employees are nearly two-thirds of Facebook’s entire workforce.

Mr. Clegg also notes that Facebook/Meta is now creating a benevolent AI that will censor the platform and keep all the bad AI’s misinformation from tricking everyone into voting for Donald Trump. Here’s the exchange that happened on CNBC last week, when you can hear the person on a hot mic express their shock at how much of Facebook/Meta’s workforce is censoring Americans: