Did Diddy Do It? Biden’s Homeland Security Thinks So

DFree / shutterstock.com
DFree / shutterstock.com

The man with a trillion nicknames, Sean “Diddy” Combs, could only watch helplessly as his New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles residences were raided by Homeland Security on March 25th. Conducting their searches in relation to their investigation into allegations that Diddy was drugging and sexually assaulting numerous women during their careers. This investigation also has rumblings of his involvement in sex trafficking and the grooming of kids.

Leaked footage and reports all claim that Diddy was taken into custody during one of the raids, but that has yet to be corroborated. Meanwhile, rumor mills have suggested that Diddy was able to flee on his private jet to a non-extradition country. With warrants out in multiple states and obvious cooperation between state and local authorities, this case didn’t just spring up from nowhere.

Former love interest of Diddy, Cassie, is the tipping point for the investigation. She claims he sexually abused her on multiple occasions, as well as other heinous offenses. When her story hit the wires, multiple other women came forward, including multiple who claimed Diddy told them he had revenge porn on them and would expose it if they spoke up about the assaults.

The allegations have been piling up and come from both men and women. While the involvement of children at this point is little more than rumor mill, given his propensity to cast them in his videos doesn’t look good. Especially as he has had well-documented relationships with others who have caught pedophilia charges.

No matter what your opinion is on the matter, it certainly looks like Diddy is a diddler in some sense of the word.