Could Trump Have Ended the War in Ukraine? “Within 24 Hours”

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Ever since Russia chose to invade Ukraine a year ago, people have been filled with “what if” moments. One of the most common scenarios has been the one with former President Donald Trump still in office. Given the lack of early action and the choice to just throw money at the problem, many in America now disagree with how President Biden has handled the situation.

For many, this has brought out the wishes for Trump to return to office. They saw what he has talked about, and that’s how “peaceful” Russia and North Korea were during his time in office, and how much stability he brought the world. While the liberal left hates him for being what they dream of but can never be, many conservatives are turning against him to support Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Salem News Channel’s America First with Sebastian Gorka brought the conflict up when interviewing Trump recently. The 45th President believes the media is being more deceptive than usual, and greatly underreporting the deaths. “Those cities are being leveled, I mean, they’re being leveled. I’ve looked photos and aerials of cities where there’s not a building standing, and then they’ll say two people were injured – no many, many people are being killed.”

With all these deaths something needs to be done in the eyes of many people around the world, and Trump believes that time was at the onset. “A deal has to be made… And a deal could be negotiated by the right president. If you have a president that knows what he’s doing, you can negotiate a deal even right now – it would have been a lot easier early. I always said Putin put those soldiers on the border and I said ‘Oh he’s looking to negotiate.’ I was actually a little surprised he did it because nothing happened during… my term.”

“I would have that war ended within 24 hours,” he claimed later on. “That war would end within 24 hours. That war would never have started.”

He also sees this conflict as a direct result of President Biden’s full failure to follow the withdrawal from Afghanistan blueprint he was left with. “The way they left Afghanistan was such a disaster. I think the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country. It showed gross incompetence, and I think that probably helped the decision to go into Ukraine.”

Sadly, Trump isn’t wrong.

Biden didn’t leave Afghanistan in a manner that proclaimed the US was victorious. Instead, the military left with the barbarians at the gate. The Afghan Army that was left behind quickly gave up their posts and arms as the Taliban swept in. The decision by President Biden to announce their departure from the country was a failure.

Not getting out the people and families we promised freedom and citizenships to was an even bigger failure.

Biden knew what this meant for those being left behind. He knew about the Americans who were stuck as the Taliban swept in, and he did nothing. Instead, a group of Veterans largely from the special forces and intel communities had to pool assets and donations to get their people out of the country. This meant using backdoor contacts, private planes, and a lot of sneaky-sneaky moving around.

Meanwhile, 13 US servicemembers were killed during a suicide bomber attack that was incredibly coordinated for the group. With the commotion surrounding the people trying to escape, the presence of some Taliban members, and the US military trying to finish its withdrawal, it wasn’t a huge surprise someone snuck in. This kind of insertion during a distraction is a specialty of the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.

Had Trump been in office the conflict in Ukraine could have been avoided. We could have left Afghanistan properly. Hell gas would likely be around $1 a gallon as he wouldn’t have imposed such horrible taxes on gas companies and blocked drilling. Then again, we might have mean tweets again. Especially since Elon owns Twitter.