Classified UFO Hearing Creates More Questions Than Answers for Congressmen

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The House Oversight and Accountability Committee held a classified hearing on UFOs on Friday. Not that it did much good. Whatever secret faction(s) in the US government that doesn’t want the American people to know about these things—whatever they are—doesn’t seem to understand the whole concept of “oversight.” While some Members of Congress were impressed by the briefing, others complained that it was just “more of the same” and expressed growing frustration that they can’t get any straight answers out of people who know the truth.

Everyone started talking about UFOs again last summer when an Air Force veteran issued a whistleblower complaint to the Inspector General for the US intelligence community. David Grusch wrote in his formal complaint that “the U.S. government is operating with secrecy—above Congressional oversight” in regard to UFOs, or what they’re now calling unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs).

Grusch testified in front of the Oversight Committee back in July. He accused the Pentagon and its private contractors of covering up a “multi-decade” program in which the military has retrieved crashed UFOs with non-human pilots in them. Grusch says the military and private contractors have been trying to reverse-engineer the technologies in these things. All of this is being done at taxpayer expense but with no congressional oversight or knowledge whatsoever.

During Friday’s secret hearing with the Oversight Committee, it doesn’t appear that the Pentagon released much in the way of new information. Some attendees did note that the information they received seemed to corroborate Grusch’s testimony.

“I think everybody left there thinking and knowing that Grusch is legit—if they didn’t think that before,” said Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN). Rep. Burchett has been one of the strongest voices in Congress when it comes to calls for transparency on this issue. He contends that the US government has been covering up the existence of UFOs since at least the 1940s and possibly since the 1890s.

Burchett was frustrated by Friday’s hearing, because he said there was nothing new revealed.

“By design, this issue is very compartmentalized,” he says. “It’s like looking down the barrel of a .22 rifle. All they know is just right in that little circle. Now it’s just whack-a-mole—you go to the next [briefing], until we get some answers.”

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) was also frustrated with the hearing, noting that there is a “concerted effort to conceal as much information as possible—both in Congress and to the general public.”

“I asked very specific questions and was unable to get specific answers,” said Ogles. “And so that’s a problem, and we’re not going to stop until we get the truth.”

It’s frustrating to the American people as well. Society is not going to fall apart if the government finally tells us what it knows about these things. The problem is that this program—or these programs, plural—are so secret that not even Congress knows about them, and probably many presidents don’t know either. What are they hiding? Have they cut some sort of deal with these things?

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) said, “This is not about whether there are aliens or there are not aliens. The problem is when we ask those questions, rather than being provided information that would prove it false, they stonewall the information, and that is what piques the interest.”

Keeping secrets of this magnitude from the American people is not an act that is being carried out by people with benevolent intentions. They’re hiding the truth because there are probably elements to it that they don’t want us to find out about. President Trump should just declassify the whole thing once he’s back in office.