Chicago Baseball Stadium Shooter Hid the Gun in Her WHAT?!

Joseph Hendrickson /
Joseph Hendrickson /

You probably saw the video of the incident at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago on August 25th. During a Major League Baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics, a gunshot rang out in the stands. Two women were shot. The crowd stampeded to try to get away from the gunfire.

It’s an interesting story because there is tight security at every baseball stadium and has been ever since 9/11. How did someone get a gun through the stadium’s metal detectors?

By Monday, August 28th, police had ruled out the possibility that the shots came from outside the stadium. The gun was fired from inside the stadium, and the bullet grazed one woman and hit a second woman.

“It’s still under investigation,” said interim police superintendent Fred Waller. “Something from inside, it could’ve happened that way. We’re looking at every avenue, exploring every lead and everything that we can get.”

Finally, the woman who was grazed by the bullet admitted what had actually happened and how she got the gun past the stadium’s metal detectors. Peggy Kusinski of ESPN got the huge scoop:

Wow. That’s gross.

She hid the gun in the folds of her belly fat. Apparently, the folds were big enough that the handheld metal detector wands couldn’t pick it up. This also suggests that it wasn’t the first time she’d gone to a baseball game with a gun tucked away in her jelly rolls.

It also raises disturbing questions about how the accidental misfire happened. Was she jumping up and down while cheering the game, and the fat folds in her belly triggered the gun? Inquiring minds want to know! It’s also interesting to note that metal detectors are obviously far from infallible if a fat person is able to smuggle a gun past them.