Biden Shuts Down Lithium Mining & Constantly Makes America More Dependent on China

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Communist China currently controls 70% of the world’s lithium production. The precious metal is a vital component in the construction of batteries for electric cars and every other gadget in your life. A country with mentally healthy leaders might look at that situation and think, “Uh oh! We should remedy that!” Instead, we’ve got Joe Biden in charge. Biden just shut down the largest lithium mining exploration in the country, supposedly in order to save some stupid endangered flower. The end result is that America is now even more reliant on Biden’s communist Chinese benefactors for the electric cars that he wants to force all of us to drive.

After decades of mismanaging the country, dating back to President George H.W. Bush, most American presidents have allowed the Communist Chinese Party to gobble up most of the heavy metal mining rights in the world. China owns most of the mining rights in Australia, Africa and South America. The metals that they control are required for producing electric car batteries.

China controls 78% of cathode production, 70% of cell production and 44% of all lithium chemical production in the world, in addition to 70% of lithium production. You’d think that other countries would be scrambling to open up their own lithium production, especially since world governments have gone loopy for these silly and impractical electric cars.

Back in April, it looked like Joe Biden was actually going to be sensible on this matter for about 11 seconds. The Biden regime awarded a mining company called Rovers Metals Corp. a permit to drill on 6,000 remote acres owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in southwest Nevada. The company was granted the right to drill 30 holes, each one up to 90 meters deep, to explore for lithium. This is one of the most promising lithium sites in the continental US, in the Nevada claystone lithium jurisdiction.

Great job, Biden regime! Way to step up and try to establish American global dominance by providing direct competition to China’s electric car battery market.

Oh, but wait. Biden’s BLM just shut the mining exploration down in July. As reported by MSNBC:

“Federal land managers have formally withdrawn their authorization of a Canadian mining company’s lithium exploration project bordering a national wildlife refuge in southern Nevada after conservationists sought a court order to block it.”

The Biden regime didn’t even wait for the case to go to court. Before a judge could even rule on the request to block the exploration, BLM pulled all the permits. They told Rover Metals that the permits had been issued “in error.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise after Joe Biden appointed a literal eco-terrorist to head up the BLM in his regime. Tracy Stone-Manning used to be the spokeswoman for the ecoterrorist group EarthFirst, and used to send threatening letters to the US Forest Service calling them “bastards.”

The Center for Biological Diversity is the group that sued to stop the Nevada lithium mining license. They claimed to have found an endangered flower in the 6,000 acres where the mining was to take place. (They’re really good at finding endangered stuff whenever it suits them.) The stupid flower is called ‘Tiehm’s buckwheat’, and it is apparently more important than all the benefits that could be obtained by mining our own lithium for electric car batteries.

Don’t you think Elon Musk and other electric car makers here in the US would have appreciated a lithium source here in the US? But not in Joe Biden’s America. All the recoverable oil, lithium, and other natural resources that we have in abundance here are just not as important as Biden sucking up to the main country that bribed him for favors.