Anti-Wall Liberal Builds Fence Around Her Home Using Campaign Cash

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It wasn’t all that long ago that the political left threw a hissy fit over then-President Donald Trump’s border wall plans. So why, then, are those same individuals now spending thousands to install walls of their own?

Take Washington Liberal and Representative Pramila Jayapal, for example.

Back in 2017, Jayapal went on a Twitter rant about Trump’s “racist” border wall and how she and her cohorts had lots of “work to do” to fix the nation Trump was creating.

But now, it’s just been reported that she’s spent a whopping $45,000 to have a wall of her own built around her Seattle home.

Naturally, the congresswoman is worried about her personal safety and that of her family. And no one can fault her for that, especially since she lives in an area that, thanks in no small part to her own policies, has let crime run rampant, homelessness skyrocket, and liberal agendas take over.

Of course, thanks to those very same policies, she’s had a number of threats issued in the past year or so. And a man showed up at her home with a gun last year. The man has since been dealt with, of course, earning himself a misdemeanor for stalking and nearly a year in jail. He’s also been forbidden to own a firearm for the next eight years.

However, with that threat still vivid in her mind, Jayapal was prompted to increase security around her home by installing a high fence. (By the way, she used campaign cash to build that fence.)

Again, no one can blame her for wanting to protect her family.

But what we can blame her for is why so many along the southern border aren’t allowed to do the same. Why is it okay for her to build a wall around herself, but it’s not okay for the nation to do the same exact thing to keep the rest of us safe?

Needless to say, the hypocrisy is blatant…