America Hands Biden Brutal News – All While Giving Trump a Smile

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We know Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t the most well-liked in the history of the Oval Office. But as his time there and age continues, it seems there are fewer and fewer who approve of him than ever before.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll from the end of April, about 56 percent of Americans now disapprove of the job he’s doing right now. And a whopping 47 percent of those say they strongly disapprove.

To be clear, these are the very worst approval ratings Biden has ever received.

Naturally, the number one reason for such high disapproval numbers is “Biden’s mental sharpness and physical health doubt,” the poll noted.

As one Oklahoma voter who supported Biden in 2020 said, “I don’t think (Biden) has the mental capacity to be president.” And 63 percent of all other voters asked said the same thing.

Similarly, only 33 percent said Biden was “physically fit” enough for office, and 62 percent said he was not.

Compare that to former President Donald Trump, who is only four years Biden’s younger.

According to the poll, 64 percent of respondents said Trump was physically fit enough to lead the nation again. Additionally, 54 percent said he had the mental capacity needed for the job.

Pitting the two against each other for a 2020 rematch, the poll showed Trump as the clear winner, coming in with 49 percent of the voters’ support, while Biden only had 42 percent.

But don’t think this is just about the controversies of Trump.

In one question, the poll replaced Trump’s name with that of 2024 potential GOP contender and hard-hitting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Here too, Biden lost. DeSantis came in with 48 percent support, while Biden only took 41.

What this tells us is that, at this point, it’s really all about Biden’s age and mental health rather than who he’s up against. Sure, as he recently noted in an NYT interview, his age has undoubtedly given him a certain amount of “wisdom” that those younger than him are unlikely to understand.

However, at some point, all that wisdom doesn’t amount to much, particularly if the man can’t seem to hardly get one single sentence out that’s put together and makes sense. Put him against anyone on the political right, and he’s going to lose.
And all because he’s simply not as fit as he needs to be, either physically or mentally.