Alabama 8-Year-Old Arrested for Armed Carjacking

Sergey Lavrentev /
Sergey Lavrentev /

They start ‘em young in the south.

Around 11 am on July 11th, Montgomery, AL police responded to reports of a robbery call on West Fairfield Avenue. Quickly they discovered that this wasn’t just a robbery, but a carjacking at gunpoint.

Shortly thereafter, officers tried to pull over the vehicle but were unsuccessful as it sped away. Refusing to pursue, all they could do was wait.

Not too long after, the driver crashed into another vehicle near West Fairview Avenue and South Court Street.

It was there that police took custody of the eight-year-old and charged him with first-degree robbery, attempting to elude and certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm. The youth was transported to the Montgomery County Youth Detention Facility.

Resident “Snake” Knapp told WFSA 12 that he witnessed the first crash and followed the car after learning it was a child.

“Whenever I realized it was a little boy, I knew I had to follow them and make sure no one got hit and that he got caught because don’t want him driving all over Montgomery, causing more accidents or hurting himself or hurting other people…I think parents just really need to know where their kids are, what their kids are doing, and just talk to them about these kinds of things.”

Incidents like these aren’t normal behavior. Kids aren’t picking up this idea from watching children’s television or from hanging out with other kids.

Instead, they are learning this behavior either from parents who have no vested interest in their life or parents who only have an interest in the criminal lifestyle. Either way, this is a shameful day for this kid and his entire bloodline.