Woman Sees Open Carry in a Store and Runs to Twitter… The Response is NOT What She Expected

fotodrobik / shutterstock.com
fotodrobik / shutterstock.com

What is your response when you see someone openly carrying a gun in public? Apparently, for this Arizona woman, it’s rather “frightening.” It just turns out that most of her Twitter peers don’t agree.

On Friday, Sharon Loeff was shopping at her local grocery store. And while she was there, she noticed that another shopper was open carrying in the store.

Rather than ignoring it or even keeping her thoughts to herself, she pulled out her phone, snapped a few photos, and proceeded to take the issue to Twitter, posting the unsuspecting man’s picture and asking her peers what they thought about it.

According to her initial tweet, she thought the whole thing was “odd.” After all, this was apparently a “very high end area, far north of the city” with “very low crime.” And so she questioned why a man would be armed in such an area and why at the grocery store.

Shortly afterward, she commented that it was actually frightening to her “as an American.”

What to exercise a God and Constitution-given right?

Then, as if one photo of the man wasn’t enough, she posted another one – this one of him in the vegetable area.
Loeff must have been expecting the masses of liberals on Twitter to sympathize with her fear or something and be just as horrified at these photos as she was.

Of course, that’s not exactly the reaction she got – not by a long shot.

Firstly, as a number of Twitter users pointed out, this man was doing nothing wrong. In the state of Arizona, state law allows all citizens over the age of 18 and without a criminal record to open carry in public. This means he’s merely exercising his Constitutional rights, just like Loeff is in expressing her own thoughts on social media.

Secondly, there is something rather disturbing about this whole thing. But it’s not that the man is open carrying. Instead, as quite a few people noted, it is “odd” that this woman is clearly following this man (who is doing nothing wrong) around the grocery store and taking photos of him without his knowledge or consent.

It was also pointed out that perhaps the reason why this area of Scottsdale, Arizona, has “very low crime” is because of men like this, who clearly pose a threat to would-be criminals. And data from similar areas back this up.

Maybe Loeff will think twice before stalking gun owners in public in the future, or at least posting about it.