Why George Soros Can’t Claim Anti-Semitism Anymore

Antonio Scorza / shutterstock.com
Antonio Scorza / shutterstock.com

If you’ve heard much about billionaire and left-wing backer George Soros, it’s likely that he’s “anti-American.” But those responses are usually criticized as being “antisemitic,” as Soros is a Hungarian American Holocaust survivor.

However, those latter claims have just been put to bed, hopefully for good.

A new Jewish group known as “Jews Against Soros” has created the basis of what will likely be used to stop Soros’s efforts to destroy America and her Western democracy.

How? Well, by releasing the facts, none of which are based on Soros’ heritage or past.

The group describes itself as a “grassroots coalition of Jews who oppose George Soros’ radical left-wing influence on American politics.”

As their debut Wednesday tweet claims, “Attacking Soros for his influence on American politics, to say nothing of his nefarious agenda in Israel itself, isn’t antisemitic. It is simply a fact that Soros funds a huge proportion of the radical left in this country. And he must be stopped.”

Of course, the group is right.

Based on even a short list of what Soros has helped to fund in recent years will tell you that he is at the heart of just about everything the progressive left has tried to push through. And, as the new group points out, none of those actually support either Judaism or Jewish heritage. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

As the group says, “Soros’s values are not Jewish values.” And that means that opposing him does not mean they are antisemites. Or that anyone else who doesn’t agree with him is. Elon Musk, for instance, was called antisemitic recently after criticizing Soros’ influence.

But again, it’s not Soros’ heritage that Musk or anyone has a problem with. It’s his role in pushing our nation further to the radical left and against the very principles and standards we were built on.

Perhaps now, with this group taking the fight to Soros, America can actually see just how dangerous he is to the US.