White Guilt Has CA Officials Ready To Hand Over $360K to Each African American Resident

Bob Korn / shutterstock.com
Bob Korn / shutterstock.com

California has been proud of its liberal progressive agenda for decades. From ridiculous emissions testing that has killed the diesel truck, to their love of solar farms that has killed off the coal industry, their way of doing things has all but destroyed the nation from the inside out. Now their white guilt is shining through more than ever.

Entering the Union as a free state in 1850, California was never a slavery-friendly state. Despite this, the white guilt of Hollywood liberalism has seeped into the water, and now state officials are ready to hand over 50% more than the previous max to each African American resident of the state. In their eyes the $360k is to be paid to the decedents of slaves, this sharp increase from the $233k that they were at just in December is astonishing.

It’s not just happening at the state level either. San Francisco is mulling the idea of paying out $5 million per descendent of slaves who reside in the city.

What remains completely unclear is where any of this money would come from. As it stands, California is already operating with a deficit of $25 billion in 2023, and most of its cities are low on money, or over budget as it stands. It’s also completely confusing to many as to why they would want to hand over money for something they didn’t participate in.

People who advocate for this money are claiming that California should just be the tipping point, with every state opening its pockets eventually. California Secretary of State Shirley Weber worked on the text of the bill when she spent time serving the state assembly. She claimed, “If California can admit its sins and change the narrative, then there is a way forward for states and cities across the nation.”

In 2020 Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the legislation to create the reparations committee when the Black Lives Matter movement was at its peak. The committee has been incredibly busy, and already has made recommendations for separate schooling for black Californians but is a racist entity in and of itself.

While they have a single Asian man, the lack of anyone white or Native American would make them a racist committee by default. This lack of representation of the population of California as it is comprised is not good for them, or for the people of California. While the topic is a difficult one for many states, this shouldn’t even be up for debate out there.

Sadly, this is the result of too much liberalism indoctrination. Feeling guilty for slavery while you were a free state during the civil war is about as moronic as it gets. They didn’t do anything “wrong”, and they were often seen as a great place to escape to for escaped and freed slaves who couldn’t get north. They welcomed all freemen, and it was at that time a rather ideal state.

Making this kind of agreement is taking away that very freedom. The state would then saddle the debt to the people of California. Those who weren’t eligible would be paying for those who were. Even if they themselves were black. If not, and they don’t make any blacks pay, then this becomes yet another racist bill. The Californian people cannot and should not stand for this.

The idea of reparations has been an inherently racist one. There is no good way to prove someone is a slave descendent nor is there a system for computing just how far back it would need to be. Additionally, it is incredibly disrespectful to the Irish, and eastern European slaves that previously existed. It tells them and their families that their “pain” means less. It tells those who are still enslaved in other parts of the globe that their situation doesn’t matter.