Walt Disney Spins in His Grave As Disneyland Hosts “All Ages” After-Hours Immoral Party

Marharyta Kovalchuk / shutterstock.com
Marharyta Kovalchuk / shutterstock.com

“Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite” is the latest effort by the Disney corporation to capture the LGTBQ money. Being held on June 13 and 15, the rainbow-studded gala will begin at 9 p.m., as Disneyland in Anaheim, CA will transform into LGTBQ editions of their characters.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and their friends dressed in “special attire” will host a special Pride Nite parade for the all-ages crowd. With dance parties across the park and theme park rides running during the event, there will be things for people to do all over. Given the $139 per person over the age of three cost of admission (under three is free), they need to provide a lot. Buying the tickets will allow visitors entrance to the park three hours before the event begins.

Not surprisingly, thus far Walt Disney World in Florida does not look to be participating in the event. With the anti-grooming Parental Rights in Education law the state enacted, the Disney corporation has been going toe-to-toe with the state. To circumvent the new law but still target the LGTBQ dollar, the company has slipped in numerous transgender characters into their kids’ TV shows, placed gay characters into the lead roles in numerous high-dollar film franchises, and started an LGTBQ-themed apparel brand.

Given the history of the corporation sneaking in adult themes and jokes into their cartoons, tv shows, and theme park rides, it’s not surprising that any of this is happening. While many adults in America can appreciate a good dirty joke, they want them directly. Slipping them into kid’s entertainment is just in poor taste. Yet here they go remaking the entire theme park to push the LGTBQ agenda. By making it a specially ticketed and loudly announced event, moral Disney fans can choose to avoid the park on those days.

However, the day off in between makes little sense. Historically, the park has done things like their Christmas and Halloween parties on consecutive days, so taking a day away from that is incredibly suspicious that they are up to something else. Given this kind of introduction as well as their deep seeded connections to China, it would seem that this is just yet another way to not only bring in the LGTBQ money but to also make China’s Pooh incredibly happy with their poisoning of the American mindset.

With Disney+ introducing the “This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular” hosted by Nina West, they knew in 2021 what they were doing. With songs re-imagined to be sung with LGTBQ-themed lyrics, the already familiar songs became a highway to push their agenda down the throats of kids across the nation who were already obsessed with the songs.

This indoctrination and mind poisoning by the Disney corporation is something the American people should not stand for. Yet with the right to free speech, they are more than capable of pushing this agenda, and it is up to the parents in America to act like parents and not friends. A decision to allow your child to be poisoned by this agenda, as the family shuffles hundreds of dollars to the mouse is horrific.

At this point, Disney needs a full enema of conservative values. They need to return to the greatness that was the cornerstone of operations when Walt Disney was alive. Instead, his liberal decedents have been more than happy to run the company through the garden. The choice to do something strange for a little bit of that LGTBQ change is a guaranteed money-maker for the brand. While their shareholders certainly appreciate seeing the extra revenue, it comes at a tremendous cost, both morally and socially.