Tucker Claims Assassination of Trump Around the Corner

Vaclav Mach / shutterstock.com
Vaclav Mach / shutterstock.com

As you know, things surrounding former President Donald Trump have recently escalated exponentially. But as Tucker Carlson says, what comes next could be absolutely appalling…

The former Fox News host recently appeared on “The Adam Carolla Show,” in which the two discussed the problems the 45th president has endured and been facing over the years. Notably, it has all gotten worse.

So logically, Tucker thinks the only thing left is “assassination, obviously.”

This statement was basically his answer to Carolla’s question about if “they” are “going to let Trump be president.”

As you well know, “they” have been trying to ensure Trump doesn’t have a leg to stand on for some time now. And Tucker explained as much.

Since Trump first floated the idea of him becoming president in 2015, “they” have done pretty much all they can to derail him. First, they criticized, protested, made up the Russia collusion hoax, and attacked some more. Then they impeached him, and now, they indict him on four separate charges.

And yet, Trump’s popularity has only grown. It seems nothing can hold him down.

As Tucker said, “What’s next? I mean, graph it out, man. We’re speeding toward assassination.”

Of course, that’s not what Tucker hopes for or what he assumes will happen next. However, as he claims, that’s the trajectory this whole attack against Trump seems to be headed in.

Right now, the obvious solution to “their” problem is to indict Trump on all these charges in the hopes that something sticks. That way, they can just throw him into some forgotten prison somewhere and never have to worry about him sticking his nose in their politics again.

But, as he’s proved so many times already, Trump isn’t exactly the kind of guy things stick to. And so, someone somewhere has got to be thinking of a plan B—maybe even a plan C or D.

According to Tucker, it would only logically make sense that at least one of those plans involves the assassination of Donald Trump.

And even Trump can’t rule that possibility out.