Trump Promising to Abolish the Education Department When Reelected

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In a further sign that he understands the American people far better than any elected Member of Congress, President Donald Trump is vowing to shutter the federal Department of Education when he is reelected in 2024.

Schools in America have gone crazy, and parents have lost control of their local schools in most districts. The schools are sexualizing young children, confusing them to the point where they don’t know which bathroom to use, and in some cases, assisting the children in getting their genitals mutilated without parental knowledge or consent. All of this insanity comes from one source: the Department of Education.

The mainstream media and the Democrat Party are having the vapors about President Trump’s latest promise. This promise should not be a concern or a surprise to any mentally healthy person. Abolishing the Department of Education used to be a goal of the Republican Party, ever since President Jimmy Carter invented it out of thin air without a congressional mandate.

As President Trump notes, “It’s time. Close it up. When you look at the list of countries, we’re always at the bottom [on education]. We spend more money per pupil and we’re always at the bottom of a list of 40 countries. And we should close it up and let local areas, and frankly, states, handle education.”

President Trump is correct for many reasons. The biggest reason, from a macro level, is that a Department of Education is not mandated in the Constitution. No constitutional originalist could support having a Department of Education or spending billions of taxpayer dollars on it every year. The idea of giving the federal government top-down control of local school districts would have been abhorrent to the Founding Fathers.

Just two years after Jimmy Carter invented the Department of Education on a whim, President Ronald Reagan had the goal of abolishing it added to the Republican Party Platform. It stayed on the platform for two decades. It was only when President George W. Bush took office that the goal was taken out of the party platform.

Bush, who we realize was never even vaguely conservative now that we have hindsight and some distance from his presidency, championed and enforced the “No Child Left Behind Act.” That was a bill that was literally written by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). This move to federalize all local education was a poison pill. Like so many of George W. Bush’s policies, he loaded the cannon, and the Democrats then turned it around and aimed it at the American people. (See also: The Patriot Act.)

Top-down federal control of local schools is what transformed the schools in every state – seemingly overnight – into insane asylums where teachers want to explicitly talk about their weird weekends with little kids. If you want to fix this problem, you should have no trouble supporting Trump’s plan to abolish the Department of Education.

There has already been a groundswell of examples of parents taking back control of their local school boards from the social justice crowd. Parents are making moves, getting elected to school boards over incumbents, and voting for increasingly pro-family conservatives. Joe Biden has had the FBI label those parents as “white nationalists.” Virginia’s Governor Glenn Youngkin sailed to victory in his home state, specifically because he promised accountability and school reforms to parents. It worked. This is a winning position.

And that’s exactly why Donald Trump is taking that position today. Trump plans to release his full plan for reforming education in America on March 13th. If there is no federal Department of Education in existence, it will put parents back in control of local school boards across the country.

That would be another longstanding goal of the Republican Party Platform that it took Donald Trump to finally pass. No one else got it done. He will.