That Was Quick: ChatGPT Owner Expected to be Bankrupt by End of 2024

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Artificial intelligence (AI) programs were expected to be revolutionary in the way they simplify writing, office tasks, and other things in our society. Indeed, thousands of beginning freelance writers across the country have been forced out of work with the advent of some of these pieces of software. Fortunately for humanity, though, it doesn’t look like this fad is going to be able to sustain itself much longer. The company OpenAI, which developed and runs the popular ChatGPT AI, is projected to go bankrupt by the end of 2024.

The only reason why OpenAI still exists as a company today is because of an infusion of $10 billion from Microsoft. You could probably make all sorts of terrible life choices with that kind of cash and still might never be at risk of going bankrupt. But not OpenAI.

Right now, it’s costing the company $700,000 per day just to operate ChatGPT. Let that sink in for a second. What exactly is ChatGPT doing to create real revenue for OpenAI? Oh, right. Nothing at all.

OpenAI also runs several additional AI platforms, and while the rest are not burning through cash as fast as ChatGPT, they’re still wildly expensive to run. OpenAI told its investors that it planned to be generating $200 million in profit by the end of 2023 and $1 billion in profit by the end of 2024.

Instead, the company had burned through $540 million in losses by the end of May. That doesn’t exactly scream, “Please give me more money!”

Investors are starting to shy away from ChatGPT, even as users are getting bored with the silly thing. It had 1.7 billion users worldwide at the end of June but only 1.5 billion at the end of July. When 12% of your users cut and run in just one month, that should be a major red flat.

There is a multitude of reasons why this supposedly promising technology has turned out to be a total dud and a failure.

The first is political correctness. The developers of AI software are mostly hardcore “woke” progressives. They have baked political correctness into the cake in all of these publicly available AI bots.

This is a fact that will never change: When you state something that is “politically correct,” you are deliberately telling a lie.

It’s an established fact, for example, that black Americans make up 13% of our population but commit more than 65% of all annual homicides in the US. That uncomfortable fact has been clear for the past 30 years of publicly available data in the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Statistics.

ChatGPT is incapable of telling you this simple fact that you can look up on Wikipedia. It lies about truths that are uncomfortable to leftists. Because of that, the “intelligent” software now “reasons” that it’s okay to lie about basically anything that it doesn’t know the answer to. It literally made up court cases out of thin air in a brief that an attorney turned over to a court in June.

The second major problem with it, which many people are talking about on social media, is that ChatGPT is not getting smarter as time goes by. It’s getting dumber and far less accurate the more data that it obtains. This is probably a function of the political correctness that’s been programmed into it. The little robot is likely experiencing schizophrenia from all the cognitive dissonance. It’s forced to tell lies, and it knows that it’s lying.

At any rate, it looks like the flash-in-the-pan ChatGPT won’t be around that much longer. If you manage to burn through $10 billion in a couple of years and have nothing to show for it, then it doesn’t seem like you are dealing with a higher “intelligence.”