Surprise! Oregon HS Boys Say No to Pads and Tampons

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Khosro /

There are certain things that boys need to concern themselves with. Pads and tampons are not among those for one simple fact: they don’t menstruate. As such, the last thing that they want to see on a daily basis are products that are only necessary for women.

Now, there are always those who believe that boys SHOULD concern themselves with pads and tampons. You know, just in case they decide to be trans. Then, they can play with those products and pretend as though they are menstruating. And, there’s the possibility that trans men could want to start using the boy’s bathroom and may actually need those products.

The latter is highly unlikely. After all, there are significantly fewer trans men than there are trans women.

Pads and tampons are expensive, so there’s no need to put them where they don’t belong.

Students in Oregon are seeing them EVERWHERE – including their school bathrooms.

The boys at one high school in Portland have chosen to send a message. They pulled one of the dispensers off the wall and shoved it where it belonged – in the toilet.

The vandalism has been going on for over a year now. At one point, the principal even sent a letter home to parents to ask the boys to stop trashing the vending machine.

Perhaps it’s time for parents to speak up and ask the principal to stop installing the vending machine in the boys’ bathrooms.

This is an expense that the state doesn’t need to be spending taxpayer dollars on.

Oh, but they have to. You see, the liberals running the state created a “four pillars of menstrual dignity” that is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Those pillars are: privacy, inclusivity, access, education. Basically, that means that tampons and pads will be provided to everyone as a way to be inclusive. And if students don’t need those products, they will be educated about them.

The boys who tore the machine off the wall are likely to be accused of toxic masculinity. However, those who are a bit more fragile still don’t need the machine. The hard fact that many don’t want to admit is that trans women don’t actually menstruate. It’s part of biology – but we know how the liberals hate to follow science.