Scotland Stops Investigating Real Crimes to Enforce New Hate Speech Law


In a disturbing trend that has been infecting all nations across Western civilization, Scotland has announced that its police will no longer be investigating thousands of real crimes every year. Instead, they will be investigating and prosecuting every perceived “hate crime” and imprisoning people for speech that hurts the feelings of illegal aliens.

Police Scotland enacted a pilot program of this in Aberdeen last year which it deemed a success. As a result, they say that “more than 24,000 offences a year will no longer be allocated to a front-line officer.”

The police are not announcing which crimes they won’t be investigating because they don’t want to give criminals a “tactical advantage.” However, we assume that many of them will be property crimes like vandalism and theft. It doesn’t seem to occur to the police that the criminals will figure it out soon enough, and then they will have a flood of those crimes happening.

The reason why they’re no longer going to be investigating these real crimes is because Scotland’s new “hate speech” law goes into effect on April 1st. The police say they’ll be responding to every single reported instance of hate speech.

The law is so vaguely written and so broad that simply retweeting a Dave Chappelle or Ricky Gervais joke about transgender people from one of their comedy shows could land you in prison in Scotland. Police are being taught that even the contents of stage plays and comedy shows can now be considered hate speech crimes.

This is amazing because the Irish and Scottish people resisted rule by the British for many centuries and did so very violently. Does the movie “Braveheart” ring a bell? Yet today they are meekly submitting to foreign rule by the globalists at the World Economic Forum, and no one is even protesting.