Mystery Drones Have Been Swarming Langley AFB for Weeks

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Goinyk Production /

You’ve probably seen reports of alleged UFOs violating American air space around our military bases in increasing numbers in recent years. However, it appears that there is a much more terrestrial threat that’s violating our air space now—and the US military is largely powerless to do anything about it. Since early December, Langley Air Force Base (AFB) in Virginia has been subjected to nightly waves of mystery drone incursions.

Langley AFB is situated across from the Norfolk Naval Station on the Chesapeake Bay, in one of the most strategic locations in the country. Starting on December 6, the base suddenly had mystery drones of unknown origins flying over it every night. These incursions were so disturbing and persistent that the Pentagon pulled in advanced assets from around the country to try to deal with the drones.

Because they think the American people are stupid, an Air Force spokesperson said, “None of the incursions appeared to exhibit hostile intent but anything flying in our restricted airspace can pose a threat to flight safety.”

Has everyone figured out the big mystery here, which the military is pretending it can’t solve?

It’s been three years since Joe Biden threw America’s borders wide open and started allowing hostile foreign invaders to flood the country. He has allowed tens of thousands of fighting-aged male commandos and terrorists from foreign lands to come in.

Many suspect this is the reason why there have been so many explosions at food processing plants and other critical infrastructure across the country. Not to mention the train derailment in East Palestine.

Since Biden has allowed hostile enemies to flood the country, it’s clear that someone is now performing reconnaissance of US military bases. The only question is when those foreign commandos—most likely from Communist China—will receive their orders to launch a first strike against us from within our borders.