Megyn Kelly Questions If Girls Have Any Safe Place Left – Watch

Guryanov Andrey /
Guryanov Andrey /

Megyn Kelly spoke directly to the issue of trans and gender identity on her recent Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She declared that there was “no safe space now for girls” in societies pushed with this agenda. She believes it is everywhere.
Kelly spoke with two former beauty queen pageant winners who are now moms, Britt Mayer and Carrie Prejean. Both of these women are now strong advocates for what they call “the war” being waged on women and girls.

Megyn Kelly began the segment on her show with a story about a San Diego 17-year-old named Rebecca Phillips. She spoke out against her local YMCA and admitted that she was “terrified” when she came out of the shower to change in the locker room and saw a fully naked man.

In California, the law says that you can use the locker room or bathroom that aligns with your chosen gender identity.
Kelly said this law “underscores the dangers” and the “trauma” that this can induce “for a woman who’s expecting to see only other women in there.”

Britt Mayer added that we “are realizing that words are the guard rails of society. And when you start shifting words and tear down meanings, you recreate society … this is a war on women, on girls. And really on societal order.”

Kelly and her guests also discussed the story of parents who recently discovered a book from the American Girl Doll company that promotes kids taking puberty blockers if they wanted to change their gender ideology.

She said the book, “Body Image,” is described as a “smart girl’s guide to socially and medically transitioning from one gender to another.”

“There is no safe space now for girls,” Kelly said. “The little girls…they can’t go to school without having ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ shoved down their … that’s one. They can’t go to American Girl Doll without getting this foisted upon them.”
“They can’t go to the YMCA for a little recreation without walking by a naked male penis while trying to change out of their bathing suit,” she added.

Mayer made it clear that the “Y’s open locker room policy is in effect in 26 states,” not just California.