Mayorkas Wants “Assault Weapons” Banned but Cannot Explain What They Are

lev radin /
lev radin /

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas found himself talked into a corner by Sen John Kennedy (R-LA) on March 29th. Despite only the day before attempting to implore the Senate Judiciary Committee to ban them, he could not for the life of him define what they meant when Kennedy pressed him on the topic. Instead, he could only sheepishly admit “I am not an expert with respect to the definition of the assault bans.”

Coming hot on the heels of the March 27th shooting in a Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN. Losing their lives at the hands of this truly mentally troubled woman, these three 9-year-olds and three adults have now become the newest logs in the gun ban fire fueling the left’s drive to destroy the Second Amendment.

Rather than discuss his ignorance on his crusade he instead added “I defer to the experts, I defer to, for example, the definition of an assault weapon that was codified in the prior iteration of the legislation that was passed and that was in operation when I served as an assistant United States attorney and the United States Attorney in the Central District of California.” With more back and forth with similar responses followed, no matter how Kennedy reframed the question.

Suddenly he offered “Senator, I really must say that you are probing a very, very important area definitionally in which I do not have the requisite expertise. I will say this when we see the tragedy in Nashville, and it is not the first such tragedy that we see when I engage with my international counterparts and they ask me almost invariably first what is going on with all the mass killings in the United States and why are these assault weapons disseminated so broadly, I say that we need legislation to ban them.”

Senator Kennedy tried yet again to get him to define the term, and explain where he stood on the subject. Mayorkas claimed to believe he had been rather detailed in his previous responses, and as such, the Senator should know where he stood. Kennedy retorted “No, I don’t. I don’t. You made a very bold statement, very firmly saying we should ban all assault weapons and all I’m asking is what in your mind is an assault weapon. I mean you say it’s military-style, does that mean it looks like a military weapon.”

This debate about a made-up term is incredibly embarrassing for us as a nation. The American people not only deserve better than this, but they also deserve officials who know the complexities of their position.

As the Director of Homeland Security, I would expect you to be as familiar with the components of the term “security” as you are with “homeland”. This means you should know common terms for firearms, and you should be able to stand to a series of questions from Senators or Congress. By deferring to your “experts” it is proof to the American people that nobody has even briefed you on the terms you will be talking about. It’s an egregious offense to the American public to do such a thing.

It’s time we get back to electing people into office who want to lead. The people who know the subject they are legislating laws about. Making legislation about gun laws when you don’t know the process we already have as a result of laws is an ignorant move. At that point, it becomes nothing more than virtue signaling and is embarrassing for us as a nation.

Currently, it seems like a lot of these “director” positions within Biden’s federal government are being filled by people who paid their way into them. This is leftist mob rule, and it can easily lead to the destruction of the US as a nation. God knows they have been trying to poison us from the inside out with all of these chemical spills. Now they want to unarm us too, and if we don’t force them to change it will spell out downfall.