Joe Biden Finally Builds a Wall — to Block Out What Happened in Lahaina, Maui

EQRoy /
EQRoy /

Joe Biden has finally built a wall! Before you get your hopes up, you should know that there’s not a wall anywhere near our southern border where it might do some good. The wall, in this case, has been dubbed the “Biden Curtain.”

The military has now erected miles of a mysterious black curtain around Lahaina on the island of Maui. Officials really don’t want the public to see what’s going on in Lahaina, which was definitely not set on fire by space lasers.

A citizen journalist has posted a video of the miles and miles of mysterious black curtains going up around Lahaina. The National Guard is preventing people from even pulling over their cars and stopping for a moment next to Joe Biden’s new wall.

Locals have also been spotting a large contingent of what they call “special police.” They’re driving foreign-made cars and appear to be foreign observers, and they’ve been stationed all along the Biden Curtain to guard whatever is happening inside.

The especially obnoxious thing about all this is that officials are not telling anyone why they’re doing this. They won’t allow any press inside the curtain, and people are prohibited from flying drones in the airspace over Lahaina. If there’s a logical explanation for this response, they’re simply not saying.

Many believe there is now a massive coverup going on in Lahaina, especially since the government is being so secretive. Here’s the video of the “Biden Curtain” that is blocking the public’s view from whatever happened in Lahaina.